Jul 282015

Well, that quest for a man bag continues but it’s been pretty interesting. The thing is I’ve been sharing different bags for opinions and scouring the depths of the internet.
It’s pretty freaking silly. First thing. Despite being in a modern age of civility and having smart phones, cables, ear bud, charges, tablets and so on and so forth. There’s still this pretty silly notion about a guy carrying something other than a briefcase, messenger bag or backpack. The whole notion of guys don’t do that (as far as I can tell) is some sort 20th Century thing before that it was kind of a necessity. But there’s plenty of folks that realize that the notion is silly. Be it just for the convenience of carrying around your stuff. Cause you have to have your stuff.
Of course, there was also the debate on what looks “masculine” without looking really silly or I’m getting ready to deploy to a foreign country. This was actually sort of funny and a little enlightening. You see. Two straight folks (a male and a female) couldn’t agree what “looked” masculine and what didn’t. Yeah, funny and just a bit cool if you think about it. Go ahead. Think about it.
Any way. More shopping and more looking. You know the drill.

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Jul 262015

I know some gamers are still reading this blog (Note: Most of the gaming stuff is migrating over here.)but I’m still going to post the really cool stuff here too.
Unless you’ve been living under an RPG rock, it’s Xmas in July over at Drivethrurpg. That means 25% off a lot of really cool stuff. Just shop away. And of course, I’ll take this moment to also do some shameless self promotion. My stuff is also part of the sale.
And if you haven’t been keeping up with all the little rants and blurbs I’ve been throwing out, there’s more fun stuff on the way. Yep, it’ll be that crusty old groganrd OSR stuff.
Keep on rolling those dice.

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Jul 202015

If you’ve been paying attention I just went through the trauma of getting a new cell phone. But my First World Problems aren’t over yet. The new phone is about an inch longer than the old one. That means the old handy case that the old one was in won’t work for the new one.
I have to face it. I really don’t like sticking the phone in my pocket or just carrying it around the store while I’m trying to shop. For my normal work days, I lug around my messenger bag but that’s just too big to carry around a store. I have to face it. I reached a point that I need a man bag or satchel or gear bag or whatever you want to call it. Something small enough to carry around the store or on the run. Just go ahead and throw in there pen, notebook and few of the odds and ends that usually end up in my pockets. (Yeah, I know somebody is gonna say purse. Whatev’s.)
And speaking of carrying things around, I finally picked up one those handy organizers from 3V Gear. You can grab it at Amazon but it’s cheaper to by direct.
It’s got the usual guy stuff. Leatherman Rev, SRM-710, pen, index cards (folded in half), duct tape, eye glass screwdriver, and flashlight. Normal guy stuff.
Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have to shop for purses on Amazon.

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Jul 142015

Come that’s one food that pretty much everybody loves. It’s about like ice cream. I know there will haters but oh well. Go home and bake yourself up some homemade mac & cheese. Not the stuff that comes in blue box with yellowish powder. No. Don’t do that to yourself.
The simplest recipe is boil some mac until it’s al dente. Make some cheese sauce. Pour on the sauce. Sprinkle on some more cheese. Then some bread crumbs. Bake at 350 until it is done.
I know I over simplified that but it’s really that simple. Cook outside the box. Unless that box is a smoker.

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Jul 132015

I don’t know maybe it’s a good thing the DC isn’t throwing everything into one cinematic universe. But both the big DC one’s leave me in the “meh” category. They might be good. I don’t but based on the trailers. It’s a wait for ’em to come out on DVD or cable. Just watch for yourself and make your own judgement.
Here’s the Suicide Squad Trailer.

And here’s Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

But there is one trailer that hasn’t been officially released yet that rocks. So you’ll just have to dig around the net and find it. That’s the Deadpool red band trailer. Find it. You will laugh. Now that one looks like it’s gonna rock. Looks like Marvel is gonna lead on the big screen in 2016. That’s my prediction.

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Jul 072015

Just upgrade two cell phones. That’s it. Not even changing carriers. How hard could that be?
Well, let’s see. The ordeal started last Thursday with about an hour of chat with customer support. “It’d be easier to go to a store.” Famous last words.
Friday, there’s two trips to the store and about 3 hours of waiting around trying to get it done. To be safe, I upgraded only one phone.
Saturday. New phone isn’t working. Another hour long chat with customer support online. “Oh, you haven’t paid yet.” “Yes, I did.” Go back to store. OK, so payment got caught up some how in the POS system. Get that corrected in a couple of minutes. Say heck with it. Just mess with transferring the phone online. It doesn’t work.
Customer Support. Well, that number is in the process of migrating.
To where? There’s no new phone for it to go to.
If it’s an error then it clear out of the system in 24 to 48 hours.
Fast forward to Monday. Spend an hour and half chatting with customer support. Think we’re all done and ready to go. Nope.
OK, your new phone should be working.
I don’t have a new phone. I’m trying to order one.
No you have a new phone. Here’s the serial number and SIM card number.
Great store closed 10 minutes ago.
Tuesday. Call store. Phone at counter with SIM card. Guy on staff wasn’t told what to do with it. Another hour and half on the phone with store. Mostly waiting while he chats with customer support from the store.
Finally, new phone acquired. Bennies given and take for my trouble. Now, back to the grind of gaming, ranting, and writing.

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