Mar 242015

Spring is here. The grass is growing. The gardens are getting planted and most importantly it’s time to start grilling.
The good thing about living in Texas is that you can head outside and grill all year around. But there’s something different when it’s the “season”. It’s hot outside. You can break out the brews. Getting sucked dry by the flocks of the mosquitoes while grilling some dogs and burgers. And the sun doesn’t set till much later.
I had some great success last year, and this year is going to be even better. Heck I might even break out the big boy grill. It’s been sitting in the back yard for way too long.
Yeah, it’s a short post. But things are hopping around the old home stead. More fun will follow. Trust me. OK, maybe a little later.
Break out those grills and cook something awesome.

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Mar 052015

Grab your Mountain Dew, dice, and Cheetos! It’s time to celebrate.
Cheetos are one of those junk foods that are comfort food. Well, to me any way. I don’t really eat them all that often any more (maybe this weekend in celebration) but I have fond memories of those familiar orange finger print smears on old D&D character sheets. They’re like ramen. I don’t and shouldn’t eat it but I do. Some may say I’m too old to still enjoy things like Cheetos, Mountain Dew, Twizzlers and the list goes on. And before anybody goes there. I enjoy in moderation and no I am not obese. Shit the drinking and smoking will probably kill me sooner.

But I have matured. I want to do something a little more grown up with those bits puffed cheese-like goodness. I just my try a twist on this crazy recipe the crew at The Nerdist came up with. Hey, Sriracha for the win! Now, go out there and enjoy some junk food. You deserve it.

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Feb 252015

Is it ironic that I’ve this idea bouncing around inside my head for about a month now and I’m finally getting around to posting it? Well, let’s just say that time is at premium right now and I don’t always have the time I did in the past.
While I’m not using these techniques for my RPG writing, I do tend to use them for the drafts of fiction.
Free Writing: This is what I did for Nanowrimo. It’s pretty simple. Just sit back and write. Spelling, grammar and everything else be damned. While this probably won’t get you a coherent draft, it’s gets those ideas down on paper. It’s gets the story done in at least some fashion. And who knows you may just add something cool that you wouldn’t have thought of while you were fretting about format. Just let the creative juices flow.
The Lester Dent Formula: My first love of reading came from the old pulps (No, I’m not that old.)and Doc Savage was one of my favorite. Lester Dent is credited with 181 of the Doc Savage stories. He cranked out about one a month. From that he derived a formula. You may scream, “Formulas! NOOOO!” But like so many things it’s a starting point to get things moving. Guideposts if you will. Keep the action and tension going. Just look at the formula and adapt it to you and your story in your way.
Write A Novel in Three Days Lessons from Michael Moorcock: Just read this article which also references the Lester Dent Formula. Trust me.
Now, stop reading and just start writing.

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