Jun 242015

That’s right. I tried it.
OK, if you don’t know what Soylent is, it’s a food drink. That’s about as basic as I can explain it. It’s a powder that you mix with water. Within is all the dietary necessities for an average adult. So technically, you could live on the stuff.
So what’ it like? It’s about like drinking batter. There’s a floury, nutty, yeasty taste to it with a bit of grit in the drink. Of course, one of the serving suggestions it to flavor it up with fruit, peanut butter or something. We had chocolate syrup handy. And it was palatable.
This is science food. I mean that in neutral way. It’s just what you need and that’s it. But it really illustrates how much about food isn’t the nutrition but the taste, smell, and texture. It’s about the enjoyment of tearing into your favorite food and savoring it.
Now there’s no harm trying Soylent. I suggest you do. Heck, try all sorts of new things. That’s another fun thing about food. And if you enjoy Soylent then good for you. For me, personally. First, it’s a little pricey for my pocketbook right now. And I really enjoy the taste of my favorite foods. I can easily seeing it as a quick supplement or a breakfast or lunch replacement. But as a steady diet. Not for me.

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Jun 222015

I had high hopes for Killjoys. I still do. The pilot episode was pretty darned good.
Heck, they had me at bounty hunters is space. Judging the first episode, things look very good. There’s going to be plenty of action and humor. There’s some pretty interesting characters hanging around in the background. So basically, a big thumbs up. But…
There’s a couple of things that bug me.
The Mysterious Past. How many times do we need characters with a mysterious past? Yes, it’s fodder for future episodes. It can draw people back to the series. It builds fan speculation. It’s just so over done.
The Megacorporations. Speaking of over done. Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve got the idea that megacorps are big evil soulless entities. We get that.
No Aliens. At least not yet. But that was one of the really cool things about Farscape. All the aliens. I know it’s probably a budget thing. But I can put out my own little wish list while doing a rant.
I’m not sure which one wins out in my mind in a Killjoys versus Dark Matter face off. But if I had to chose. Killjoys wins by a little. Maybe because it’s even with mysterious pasts, I still know more about the Killjoys than the Dark Matter gang. Maybe the universe looks a little more interesting even after one episode.
But heck they’re both good. And it’s good to see Syfy getting back into SciFi.

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Jun 152015

Normally, I wait at least three episodes before saying anything about a new show. But for Dark Matter, I think I’ll make an exception.
It’s really good to see the SyFy getting back to the good old space opera type show and this season I think they may have a couple of winners. It’s really early on for Dark Matter but I can see the cool potential for this show. Let’s hope the creative crew behind doesn’t go all crazy. We’ve got mysteries. Heck, the whole crew has amnesia. A universe to explore. Conflict between the crew members. That’s a good recipe so far.
Now I know there’s the graphic novel out there. I haven’t read it. I kind of don’t want to. Mainly, I don’t want extra spoilers. Plus I’m betting they will deviate from the source material. If done well that’s OK. But yeah put Dark Matter on your viewing schedule. The best thing I can say about it is that there’s already a bit of a Firefly-like vibe to it.
Oh and set your DVR’s. This Friday is Killjoys. Bounty Hunters in SPAAACE! This one I’m really crossing my fingers on too.

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Jun 062015

We create because we have to. There’s a part of some that need to create. Our friends, families and loved ones don’t get it. They don’t understand the muse that inspires us also drives us. It’s a need.
They don’t understand the thrill we get when craft something. The grind of editing, tweaking, and making those important minor adjustments. They understand that we’re excited when we finish a project and release out into the world. They just don’t know the thrill we have when it happens. When there’s a good review we’re elated. When there’s a bad one, we’re heartbroken. Chances are there’s someone out there on the Internet who will hate what you did and hate you for it. But we go back and do it all again. Because we have to. It’s part of us.
Here endeth the lesson. Now go out there and make something.

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Jun 012015

That’s right Free RPG Day is June 20 this year and it’s time to start thinking about where you’re going to grab your goodies. And like every year, I encourage everybody to not only to support the publishers out there but also your FLGS. Just don’t loot the place and run. Pick up something. An extra mini. A new set of dice. It doesn’t have to something pick. If everybody buys at least a little something, it’ll support the stores, the publishers and means that there will be another Free RPG Day next year.
And by the way, I’ll be at Tenth Planet Games & Comics all day! I’ve volunteered to run Dungeon Crawl Classics and probably some other stuff too. It’s going to be a fun day at the store so come on by! I’ll rant more about this later as the date gets closer with more interesting news.

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May 182015

I really tried to like it and I suppose I do. But there’s something still missing. Then it hit me.
I mean I do like the characters and the stories but it just seems like the Marvel C Team. They’re part of the universe but in this tertiary sort of way. It’s almost like the adventures of Tony Stark’s gardener or Peter Parker’s pizza delivery guy. It just seems lacking a good strong connection to the universe as whole. But all that’s pretty much been said already.
Also, (and yes I know what happened in Winter Soldier) but dang it when I tune into to show called Agents of SHIELD I went to see freaking helicarriers and Nick Fury. These are things that really scream SHIELD to me.
That’s my grumpy old geek rant for the day.

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