Oct 062015

I admit I’ve had these on my wish list for a long time. I just never got around to dropping the money on them. That’s on me. But now these guys have a Kickstarter for a new Deluxe Set. So who wants to buy a kidney?

Like I said, I’ve had my eye these for years. It’s just one of those things that I never got around to getting. Maybe I should have but now there’s a Kickstarter. I think I need to put a little aside in the budget for this.

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Oct 062015

I saw this article on Lifehacker a couple of weeks ago and thought to myself, “Hey, an Maker Kit for you’re just wandering around. That’s a cool idea.” Then I thought about all the crazy and cool stuff folks have done with Altoids tins. Heck, radios, survival kits, first aid kits, sewing kits, and that list just keeps going. Then I thought why not do an Altoids tin Maker kit.
Altoids Maker Kit
Here’s what I’ve thrown in there so far:
Duct Tape
Velcro cable tie
Zip ties
Pins & needles
Paper clips
Binder clips
Dry wall screws
Wooden toothpicks
A tube made from a disposable e-cig package
A small piece of felt
A couple of pieces of heavy-gauge insulated copper wire
Alligator clip
A couple of Ranger bands (Cause I’m guessing some one will ask.)
And I still have room for a couple of other little odds and ends. This isn’t supposed to be a tool kit or hardware store. It’s stuff you can do stuff with.

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Oct 052015

food fail
Biscuits and gravy are one of the staples especially in the South. I’m no different. I like it and usually throw on a little hot sauce. It’s a simple and comfort food. Sausage gravy. Well, that isn’t hard to make. Good biscuits are little more difficult but it can be done and doesn’t take a whole lot of skill.
Well, the Lays chips are pretty easy to talk about. Imagine a food you like being ground up into a powder then ran through a chemistry lab then sprinkled onto a potato chip. There you got it. But this other. No this is a crime against nature.
Larry The Cable Guy Biscuits
I just couldn’t pass this up at the store. It was like driving by a car accident. I just had to look. I knew it would be train wreck. I had low expectation. But even those low expectations weren’t met. Here’s a little peak at the frozen wonder.
Frozen Hell
When still frozen it looks pretty damned unappetizing. But just follow the directions and it turns into this!
A bubbling mass of gooey gravy and mutated biscuits. I was going to try to taste it but you people don’t pay enough for that shit. But the smell alone was enough. It smelled like paste. You know that kind when you mix water and flour. Yeah and not even in a good way.
That was food experiment for the week. I messed with this so you wouldn’t have to.

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Oct 012015

Well, if you’ve been keeping up with me over the last couple of months via social media, you’d know that I lost my day job back at the end of July. I decided to take a couple months and write and do “stuff”. Well, those couple of months are over. Time to start down a new path for reals. Time to start hustling and bustling.
Over September you might not have seen that much here or on my other places around the web. Had the nose to the grind stone and got a lot nearly done. That means October is going to still be very busy but interesting month. Time to start looking for job or jobs or gigs. Sort of the heck, I’ll do just about anything for money. What that also means lots more bits of random self promotion. Bouncing around and grabbing at whatever opportunity pops up or in my head.
I have to be honest with myself. I did do a bunch of slacking over the last two months. It’s nice to do that. And you should always take a little time to slack. Keeps you from going completely bonkers. Like I said, now is the time to pull out all every little trick that I can think of. Heck, there will probably some failures and screw ups. That’s life.
So hang on, kids. Things are going to get interesting.

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Sep 282015

Let your Geek Flag fly. Read an RPG book in public. Of course, reading a physical book alone might put you outside the norm. But, hey, share your love with your hobby. Throw up those selfies. Use the hash tags. Do all that kind of stuff. But I will say this. Reading an RPG book at your FLGS doesn’t count. So get out there and read.

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Sep 282015

It’s not often that I run across a satirical web series that both makes me laugh and shake my head. So really don’t have to watch these in order but it does help a little. That being said, here’s Episode 5. This is the one that helped me explain that whole meta-data BAD thing to somebody.

And yes I know. There’s probably somebody out there that’s going to give me a bit of shit about this one. Well, what the heck. Time to start rocking the boat a little and see what happens.

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