Apr 162015

You know when I first saw the trailers for The Last Man on Earth, I thought, “How the hell are they going to make this an interesting series?”
Well, they did it. Right now, it’s one of my favorite shows. It’s not about any post apocalyptic survival horror. Sure practically the entire population of the world has been wiped out but even after that people are still going to be doing the same shit. They’ll be telling themselves and others lies just to get by. Social norms and pressures continue to warp world views. And some folks just can’t seem to get ahead. It’s good for a laugh and a lark. It’s amazing that Fox let something so original on the air.

One last thought. Babies have sex. It makes sense in the context of the show. Trust me.

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Apr 152015

I know a few of you are jumping through hoops trying to get your taxes done on time. While the rest of us are sitting back and playing games. But then isn’t play Cataan a little like doing your taxes? Any way, I kind of feel like this every time I play Cataan. Maybe it’s just the way my silly brain is wired. Who knows? Any way enjoy the clip. Relax a little before you have to dive into that tax code that makes Advance Squad Leader look like Chutes & Ladders.

Yeah, I should have posted this on Table Top Day but what the heck.

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Apr 062015

If you’ve been around this blog enough, you know that I’m a big Alton Brown and Nadia G fan. I like mixing humor with everything including my food. Well, the food scene has gotten pretty big and popular and there’s plenty of crazy stuff that happens. Finally, Cooking Channel is making fun of all the tropes and crap with Fodder. It’s a sketch comedy show about food, foodies, and the crazy pop culture that has become food. You don’t believe me? Well, just watch this little bit. Really, at least watch for the Mr. T pitch. Trust me.

I really hope this kicks off a runs for a while. Food should be fun. Remember, it’s OK to play with your food.

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