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      I stopped by the local Dollar Tree and saw these little beauties. I bypassed them at first but dang there are so many things you can do with blocks: Terrain, flying bases, makers or whatever on the game board. Your basic blocks are can be almost anything your little hears can imagine. Heck, if you […]
    • Why Don’t Fighters Learn To Duck?
      This is something that has pretty much bugged me through every edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Yes, I know there a little boosts in Armor Class but generally the only way a fighter gets harder to hit is to buy better armor. And, yes, I know they get more Hit Points. But let’s face it […]

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Gaming Bag

I’m probably preaching to the choir here and I know that many veteran gamers and myself have been guilty of these minor transgressions. But really here’s what you bring to every single gaming session.

  • Your Character: Yeah, you’re in a rush to head out the game and you get there and damn. You forgot your character sheet. There are very few people that are able to recall their characters from memory. I know that I’m not one of them. But with email, cloud storage and easily portable thumb drives. If you don’t have your physical character sheet, there isn’t much of an excuse to have it available somewhere.
  • Dice: Unless it’s one of your very first game sessions, you should have dice and you should have them with you. Anybody who’s been gaming for a while probably has more dice than they will ever use. But that doesn’t mean that they always carry the extra sets with them. Also, gamers have all sorts of superstitions about their dice. Some folks get a little bent out of shape if you mess with their dice mojo. It’s almost like trying to borrow somebody’s toothbrush. I’m one of those folks who does carry an extra set of dice or two in my bag. But be warned. They’re back up/loaner dice because they’ve been responsible for many a character’s death. Roll at your own risk.
  • The Rule Book: OK, I’ll admit it. Some rulebooks are darned expensive and for some rule sets there’s a butt load of supplements. Some times, you can afford everything. Some times, you have physical versions or PDF versions. You don’t want to lug around a lap top or tablet and a bunch of books. Have at least the bits you need to run your character handy. Right now, I’m playing an Inquisitor in our Pathfinder game. I did up a couple of cheat sheets with all those special abilities for easy reference. Really, you should at least invest in the core book of the game you are playing. And speaking of rules, use your character sheet and make notes on it. Keeps down the time spent flipping through rule books.
  • Pencils, Pens & An Eraser: OK, usually there are extras at a game session and asking to borrow a pencil is that not big of a deal. But it can get annoying waiting for a pencil to make it’s way around the table. And buy an eraser. Let’s face it we erase a lot of stuff from character sheets and usually the eraser is gone before the pencil is.
  • Paper: This is the least important on this list. But you should have some any way. There’s always some scratch paper around. But a little good karma with a DM who’s looking for something to scribble notes on couldn’t hurt.
  • Now there’s plenty of other things you should bring like snacks, drinks, miniatures, index cards or whatever extra bit you might need for your particular game and/or group. But the one thing that isn’t on the list that is absolutely necessary and you should never ever, not even once show up at game session without is attitude. You’re there to have fun and enjoy the game.

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    Here I am yacking up another Kickstarter. Don’t worry. I’ll just make a habit of doing for the ones I think are really cool. This time it’s Silent Legions by Kevin Crawford.
    Here’s why it’s cool other than being a horror game. Just check the awesome stuff that’s come out of Sine Nomine Publishing. Stars Without Numbers, Scarlet Heroes, Other Dust, and Spears at Dawn. These are damned fine games. Heck there are free versions so just check them out. Plus I know a lot of folks have been upset over really late Kickstarters. (Personally, there’s one that I backed that I’m little worried about but I’ll rant about that at another time.) The beta for Silent Legions is done. You get it when you back it. I know somebody will correct if I’m wrong but I don’t any of his previous Kickstarters ever fell into the “WTF?” category.
    So check it out. Back it. Heck, Old School Lovecraftian Horror. How could you go wrong?

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    What can I say? It’s starting out to look like a good one. So just watch it and enjoy. Heck, even subscribe. And yes there’s still enough in jokes keep your little grognard spirit chuckling.
    I keep saying this. As RPG folks, we really need more web series like this. A chance to laugh and enjoy our hobby in another way. And remember, catch up on Seasons 1 and 2 if you need to.

    Good night and good gaming.

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    This post is part spreading the word and part reminder for me to back it. Yes, things have been way too hectic around the old household.
    So here you go the Class Compendium for Labyrinth Lord. Heck, what DM couldn’t use 50 more classes? OK, that does sound like a lot but hey, you could just use them for NPC’s so don’t immediately dismiss it. It’s already funded. The pledge levels are fairly priced. And it’s already reached it’s funding goal. So go for it.

    If you still have a little bit of reservations then go ahead check out my rant about the Swords & Wizardry Player’s Companion. It’s darn handy little book. Or you could go and check some of Barrel Rider Games’ other titles on Drivethrurpg.

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    Well, this one is gonna get added to the DVR line up. I liked Warehouse 13 and this looks to be alone those lines plus if you know me well enough I like stuff with a quirky sense of humor. Don’t we all need to laugh a little more. So kids. Set your DVR’s on December 7. Who knows this may be something pretty fun.

    Hey, it’s worth a shot.

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    Well it’s been a while since I ranted on some web clips but it’s time to revisit that.
    Standard Action Season 3 starts this month on November 18! If you haven’t taken a look at this comedy gem yet. Check it out. Here’s my favorite episode from Season 1.

    So go catch up on Seasons 1 and 2. Do this now.
    Also on the horizon is the Kickstarter for Season 3 of Journey Quest. But the folks at Zombie Orpheus want to make sure that fans know when this ball gets rolling. So stop by at Renew Journey Quest. And here’s my favorite episode from Season 1. Yes, there are minor spoilers so you can start with Episode One but it you’re unsure then watch this one.

    In the mean time, check out their new series Humans & Households.
    We need more gaming comedy goodness. Really, more people need to laugh.

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