Nov 182015

The last few seasons of South Park has been pretty blah. They just weren’t anywhere near the earlier seasons. But this season, they’ve really hit the mark with the overly sensitive Strawberry Generation, the hipster hypocrites, and gentrification. They’re topical, mocking, and pretty spot on. It’s good to see the boys are back. And here’s a little ditty to get you going.

Yeah, so if you thought the last few seasons sucked. Then take the time to check out the new season.

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Nov 102015

First here we’ve got on old favorite returning. MST3K was such a huge part of my formative years that the damage is still obvious in just about every project that I stick my grubby little fingers into. So keep the world silly. Because we need more silly. We need more parody. We need to laugh more. Back the resurrection of MST3K.

Also if you even barely looked at this blog, you’d notice that I’m a big time gamer. I just love the stuff. So when I saw this little Kickstarter, I thought “Why hasn’t some one done this before?” This is something really simple and needed (IMHO) for RPG’s. Even if you don’t have vision problems, this is a good thing to throw some support behind.

So there you go a couple of cool Kickstarters. Go ahead and check them out.

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Nov 032015

I had another little thought last night. Yeah, like the title says work doesn’t equal productivity.
Let’s face it. If you’ve been in a cube farm or just about any other corporate style job, you’re bosses keep all sorts of metrics and statistics to prove how well or how poorly you are performing. Being a little worker bee, you look at those and know that most of them are junk stats that really don’t indicate how well or how productive you are. It’s numbers that fit well on spread sheet that low level manager can point and say that they are doing a good job. Then the mid-level ones do the same thing and so on all the way up the chain.
The tough part when you go out on your own is breaking that habit. Setting up stupid stats for you to keep on yourself. Yes, you need to goals and need to keep track of hours and all sorts of other things. But if you find yourself doing busy work just to fulfill some quota or goal then you fell right back into the spread sheet trap. What’s worse is if you beat yourself up for not meeting some nonsense goal.
Set your goals realistically and track the metrics that really matter. Don’t make yourself fill out TPS reports.
That is all.
Happy Monday.

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Nov 022015

It was a happy Halloween but only because of this. No secret, I’m a Bruce Campbell fan. And Evil Dead has the right amount of crazy dark humor.

I admit there are still some rough spots. Ash is a little too much of the anti-hero A-hole and the other characters aren’t quite fleshed out yet. But that happens in every series. The first couple episodes aren’t the best. But I can see where this can head and am really looking forward to it. Yes, we had lots of throw backs and references to the movies and a lot of the same jokes and tone. But hey. It was the jokes and tone that made it so damned fun. Like I said, once a few episodes come along I think the series will get its own feel and mythology.
Even with these throwbacks, its good to see a horror show where the monsters are monsters. Plain and simple. No vampires looking for love and all that stuff. The Deadites just want to eat your face and swallow your soul. This is one of those simple fundamentals that it is nice to see again. So yeah. That’s my take. Check it out if you love the Evil Dead movies. Check it out if like campy schlock horror. Check it out if you just want to sit back with some popcorn and veg out.
It’s about Deadites, Boomsticks, and being groovy. Now gimme some sugar, baby.

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Oct 212015

IF you’ve kept up with the old blog over the last couple months, I’ve been on the search for a Man Bag. Well, think I finally grabbed one up.
STM Scout 2
This is a STM Scout 2 that I picked up on Amazon for less than $10. One of the reasons that it’s so cheap it that it’s a discontinued model but at that price, I just couldn’t pass it up. It’s intended for 10 inch tablets but the tablet compartment fits a composition book perfectly. You see I don’t have a tablet, yet. Right now I cant justify the expense. About the only thing that I’d use it for gaming PDF’s. Every other function, I can do with my phone. So why spend the money on tablet?
Now if you do have a tablet, the bag is really nice. The compartment for tablet is really well padded like half an inch of heavy duty padding. The bag is pretty thin so if I do rip out that padding, I’ll add a bunch more space. According the manufacturer’s dimensions the bag is 2 inches thick. I measured the padding and there’s a total of about an inch. Part of me is debating whether just to rip that out. But part of me is saying, “You’ll void the warranty and what if you do get a tablet?”
So that’s just something that’ll probably bounce around inside my head for a couple of weeks. Still there’s plenty of room to carry around the essentials. Notebook, pens, emergency dice, harmonica, business cards, cables, ear buds, phone, and few other little odds and ends.

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Oct 192015

Yeah, I know the title is really click baity. But any way. I decided to give The Grinder a chance. Basically, Rob Lowe plays an actor who played a lawyer on TV. Well, his series comes to end so he moves in with his brother (Fred Savage) who is actually a lawyer. Rob Lowe thinks that playing a lawyer on TV qualifies him to be one in real life. So basically it’s a pretty lame show but that’s not why we’re here.
Every time in the second episode when Rob Lowe was told that something had no legal standing or didn’t make sense or just out right stupid, his response was, “But what if it wasn’t?”
That’s it. That’s your question. Stuck for an idea. Stuck for that twist. Just look at something. Look at anything and ask yourself, “But what if it wasn’t…?”

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