May 182015

I really tried to like it and I suppose I do. But there’s something still missing. Then it hit me.
I mean I do like the characters and the stories but it just seems like the Marvel C Team. They’re part of the universe but in this tertiary sort of way. It’s almost like the adventures of Tony Stark’s gardener or Peter Parker’s pizza delivery guy. It just seems lacking a good strong connection to the universe as whole. But all that’s pretty much been said already.
Also, (and yes I know what happened in Winter Soldier) but dang it when I tune into to show called Agents of SHIELD I went to see freaking helicarriers and Nick Fury. These are things that really scream SHIELD to me.
That’s my grumpy old geek rant for the day.

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May 122015

That’s right my very first RPG product. That kind of explains why things have been kind of quiet around here. Here’s the quick blurb:
Six new classes for your old school space opera games.
Be an odd Alien from the other side of the galaxy. Warp reality to your will as an Astromancer. Save the day with some bubble gum and duct tape as an Engineer. Slauguther your foes and exlpore strange worlds as a primite Lost Worlder. Shoot first as a Scoundrel. Harness the powers of a dark star as a Warp Ninja.
Outer Space Raiders Volume 1 is compatible with White Star: White Box Science Fiction Rolelpaying by Barrel Rider Games.
You can grab it up at Drivethrurpg.

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Apr 272015

It’s been a while since I did sort of self motivational post about what the heck I’ve got on my plate so here you go.
Blogging: Well still at it obviously but I’m still scratching my head about the future of this blog. All gaming posts are going to They Might Be Gazebos! So this one for now is mostly about just whatever pops in my head and general stuff. So for now, that’s the way it’s gonna be.
Skarynth: Remember that? A supplement for Crypts & Things. But with recent Kickstarter of the Remastered Edition, it’s on hold for about three months until the final rules come out. Since I backed that aforementioned Kickstarter, I got access to the beta rules. There’s a lot of great stuff there and a lot of the stuff I did just isn’t necessary. So big chunks of what’s been written is either going to be rewritten or transformed into something else. Only time will tell.
Outer Space Raiders: Back on Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day, I announced this. On the same day, Barrel Rider Games announced White Star. You know this is great news. I’m sure my little attempt will pale in comparison but there will a compatibility license soo…
That Great Unnamed Geek Novel: Outlines. Outlines. Notes. Changes. But it’s still in the works.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I have bang on my keyboard some more.

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Apr 202015

Well it looks like Syfy channel is back into the scifi business. Or more specifically the space opera business. They’ve got three new series that are coming up that harken back to the good old days of Farscape, Lex, and Stargate. It was back when when Friday nights were blocked off for the (then called) SciFi channel.
Killjoys. They had me at interstellar bounty hunters. This is the one I most looking forward to. Bonus it’s got some of creative team from Orphan Black and Lost girl behind it. Coming June 19.

Dark Matter. Hey this looks cool too. Based on graphic novel. And has some the Stargate creative team backing it up. Another must record.

The Expanse. Based on some awesome novels. But you know there’s plenty of dark gritty stuff on TV but still looks like its gonna be great.

So get those DVR’s ready folks. It just might a great summer.

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Apr 162015

You know when I first saw the trailers for The Last Man on Earth, I thought, “How the hell are they going to make this an interesting series?”
Well, they did it. Right now, it’s one of my favorite shows. It’s not about any post apocalyptic survival horror. Sure practically the entire population of the world has been wiped out but even after that people are still going to be doing the same shit. They’ll be telling themselves and others lies just to get by. Social norms and pressures continue to warp world views. And some folks just can’t seem to get ahead. It’s good for a laugh and a lark. It’s amazing that Fox let something so original on the air.

One last thought. Babies have sex. It makes sense in the context of the show. Trust me.

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