Sep 032015

Sometimes I have really weird dreams. Last night was like that but I think it gave me the pitch for the next big reality show.
Take a bunch of D-List celebs who are willing to do anything for money and a little exposure. Put them on a desert island in a vicious death match. Oh, did I mention that there’s no food on the island. Nothing. Nada. If they want to eat they need to eat each other. But there’s also a hot tub for the gratuitous scenes. Now for the big twist. About three quarters through the season, add in zombie D-List celebs to make things even more interesting because everything is more interesting with zombies.
Yeah, I have weird stuff bouncing around inside my head. But then compared to some the crap that’s on TV, this isn’t such a bad idea. I wonder if Bravo or A&E would pick it up.

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Aug 312015

Well. it’s been a month of the great experiment. I’ve gotten a lot done. Not as much as I would have liked but there’s a learning curve.
I figured it would take me a while to get into a new routine of gainful self-employment. And I’m still trying to get that done. I supposed that’s the hardest thing. After years of commuting, getting up and getting rolling is a little odd. There’s no need to punch the time clock. Which is a good and bad thing. No reminder it’s time to take a break. But then I can go hard and fast when the urge really hits. The main thing is always go.
I’ve already set my goals for September. That means more neat stuff coming soon to RPGNow. With a little luck and drive, there just might a thing two to hit Lulu and Amazon. I’ve also got about a half dozen other little ideas bouncing around inside my head. So we’ll see where that goes.
Now if you’ll excuse me it’s the end of the month and it’s time to start paying bills, balancing a budget, and checking all those crazy marketing type metrics. Ah, the work of lone wolf creative entrepreneur is never done.

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Aug 252015

I do a post like this every now and then. I look at the shelf and say to myself, “Damn, I really want to play that.” A lot of times there isn’t much a change to that list but other times, there’s even stuff that surprises me.
D&D 5E The truth is I have been playing 5E every week at the FLGS but it’s been for WOTC’s Adventurers’ League. In case you, don’t know that’s the organized play. It’s all fine and good. Heck, I’ve met some really great people and have had a blast. I’ll even keep going. But there’s lots of restrictions on what you can and can’t do. It’s just part of organized play. You got have rules to keep things. I see a lot of potential coolness in 5E but I really want to kick the tires and do some wild and crazy adventures. Stuff that wouldn’t be allowed in organized play. I guess I’ve grown too fond of the cool insanity coming out of the OSR.
OSR: Speaking of which there’s just way too much cool stuff sitting on the shelf and on my hard drive. It’s there and it’s screaming. “Play me!” I don’t think that this urge will every go away.
And then there’s Faraway Land.
As you can see by the graphic, it’s pretty freaking wild and fun looking. The game itself is simple but hardy enough to stand a campaign. The rules handle just about any type of character that players can come up with. It’s also nice to have a game on the list that isn’t derived from the old faithful d20 type systems. You know what I mean. It’s gonzo. It’s bloody. And it looks like it would be a ton of fun. You can pick up the stuff on Drivethrurpg or their own store. So stay tuned in the future for that.
And finally, an oldie but a goodie. Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls! Yes the Kickstarter funded a couple or years ago. And it’s a little behind schedule but the hard copies are shipping now and I’ve already gotten by PDF.
Sure it’s buckets of d6. Who doesn’t have those? But it’s another fun game. I have very fond memories of running Dungeon of the Bear back in the day. It’d be fun to go back to it. And to honest those of who like to do games via Google Hangouts. I think T&T would make a good fit for that. If you didn’t back the Kickstarter. Check your FLGS, some of them backed the Kickstarter. You can grab the PDf over at Drivethrurpg.

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Aug 202015

So I was shopping around for a new toy for the dog and Amazon seemed like the best bet for the best deal. After much searching and reading reviews I finally got the fur ball a Goughnut through Amazon.
While I was shopping, I was also reading reviews. And this is where RPG’s come in. I saw a lot of one star reviews for various dog toys. And to sum up most of those reviews, “My dog didn’t like it.” Nothing about the quality of the toy. Just the dog didn’t like it so it was bad. I see a lot of that kind of mentality in RPG circles too. “I don’t like it so it is bad.” or “My group doesn’t like it so it is bad”. Nothing about why it is bad. Why you don’t like it or why it may good for some people. And heck, some folks go as far as disliking a product just because who wrote it.
Things like that don’t help anybody. They don’t make anything better. They’re just skewing the sound to noise ratio. And yes, I’m probably guilty of doing the same thing myself. But I’ll do better in the future.
Oh, and as a final note. The Goughnut is awesome. We’ve had for a couple days and the dog (A Boxer/Corgi mix that we call a Borgi) loves it. Chewed it like crazy and no tooth damage so far. It’s a pretty heavy duty rubber toy. (And yes we have a Kong too but that reserved for a special treat.) And if there is then there’s that warranty it comes with. Just pay shipping and handling, send it back and you get a new one. So there.

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Aug 192015

More Zombies. Can’t swing a stick without hitting a zombie. However, after stumbling across this little gem, I might actually consider doing a Zombie game.
Infected is about half way through its Kickstarter and I wish I had the disposable income to throw around for this one. I just seems like it would not only for a Zombie game but would make a pretty good (non-weird) post apocalypse game. I’d play around the system to tweak it a little more to my own liking but then I do that with everything.
Of late, I’ve also grown a little more leery of Kickstarters after so many horror stories. This maybe their first Kickstarter but it doesn’t look like there’s really any outlandish pledge levels or crazy stretch goals. So it’s well, worth checking out.
Like I said before, here’s the Kickstarter page.
Here’s their homepage.
And lastly to help you make your decision here’s a little preview they have up at Drivethrurpg.
Like any Kickstarter anymore, ask around and do your research.
Keep those dice rolling, folks.

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Aug 182015

Yep, another product for White Star is up on RPGNow. Now, I know I haven’t posted much here and I really need to change that. My silly little grognard brain is just going in too many different directions. I’ll focus and rant more. I promise. I hope it’s a good thing.
And a last little bit on the RPG front. More stuff is on the way. More White Star stuff and other little projects that I’m working on with my copious free time.
Roll the dice, kill the monsters, take their stuff.

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