Dec 302005

Finally, got my copy of Chicago and spent last night reading of most of it. Overall, not a bad book. The major feature is tons of NPC’s but I could have done without the freaking Catgirl mage. I’m running a Mage campaign right now and this is going to save so much time by just renaming NPC’s and there you go. Of course, White Wolf has continued their stupid idea of using illegible fonts. I can’t even tell really what some of the characters are named.

The book is broken down into four sections. First, an overview of Chicago. Then there is a section detailing each of the major Supernaturals (Vampires, Werewolves and Mages) and a storyline for each. There aren’t that many new crunchy bits. A new Merit, a couple of Devotions, Theben Sorcery and Curac Rituals are presented. There some nice magical items, intresting spirits and ghost. Some Rotes for the Mages and Werewolves Gifts would have been nice but instead you just get Loci and Sanctuaries.

I would have hoped for more crossover type stuff. At least some official tips and ideas for running the different types of characters together in the same campaign but it’s set up as an environment to run any of the campaigns individually.

White Wolf has maintained their usual standard of editing. One of the Vampire NPC’s is missing half their stats. And the Mage chart in the back is Icons only no names. Don’t worry they already released the first errata and corrected that.

Don’t get me wrong. I like the book. I even recommend it. It’s worth it just for the NPC’s, the adventure hooks and Storyteller ideas.

Dec 212005

On the first day of Christmas, I said I’d go shopping tomorrow
On the second day, I was too busy
On the third day, stupid office party
On the fifth day, something came up
On the sixth day, Yeah may be later
On the seventh day, I rested
On the eighth day, no parking spaces
On the ninth day, Oh crap need to go shopping! Later
On the tenth day, I know I forgot to do something
On the eleventh day, Need to shop, need to shop.
On the last day, I spent three hours at

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Dec 142005

And through the gates of Hell, walk the soulless damned. Searing unnatural light, burns away the flesh to reveal the depths of the human soul. The mind is numbed and the soul is drained. From the space beyond the ether, an iron fist reaches forth and crushes the beating heart. Darkness and despair fill the air and choke the angels of creativity. Their screams are silenced by the soulless music of the unholy choir. Rotting cadavers stagger in single file through the valley of dread to receive largess from the overlords of darkness.
Real Goths work retail.

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Dec 052005

Despite the lack of a prescreening for critics, Aeon Flux is a pretty good movie. I has some reservations and have been watching some of the originals. The action sequences where nice. The plot actually made some sense. The design had the feel of the original but just didn’t the same sexual overtones. OK, so the original had obvious sexual overtones. The relationship between Aeon and Trevor was like a cat and mouse game. Each torturing the over and never explaining their relationship. I kinda wish it was more faithful to the original. Overall, worth the price of a mantinee or even a rental. I probably won’t buy the DVD unless it’s real cheap but may pick up the orginals.

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Nov 292005

You see one every now and then. The bad customer. This time it was at my friendly neighborhood gaming store. It wasn’t your normal ”I got bad service.” or whatever. No, this guy bought a box of D&D miniatures. And then he tried to return them.
It wasn’t because he didn’t like the paint job. It wasn’t because of bad casting. Nope, it was because he didn’t get the mini’s he wanted. What a fucking weasel. Dude, that’s why it’s called collectible miniatures. That’s why the word ”random” appears on the box. The clerk politely and professionally stood his ground and the weasel walked out angry. I think he went to another store to return some dice that didn’t roll the numbers he wanted.
I’ve seen this little scene played out dozens of times during my days of retail purgatory. Of course, it was slightly different. Manager says don’t take any returns on X. I stand there tell the customer, ”Sorry, We cant refund you on X.”
”I want to talk to a manager.”
I get the manager and he refunds X. Then I ask the unthinkable, ”You just told me that we didn’t refund X.”
”We don’t”
”We just did.”
”No, we didn’t.”
Sigh. This is why the poor minimum wage clerks and customer service folks don’t really care. They get hassled by asshole customers. They get hassled by double-think managers. So when a customer shows up with a legitimate complaint, sometimes things just don’t go well.
I have my wn little theory that 90% of the customer service horror stories originate from those two sources. Stupid managers and bad customers. The other 10%. They just suck.

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