Fear The Boot

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Dec 032007

There are probably millions of web comics out there. It’s rare that I find a new one that actually makes me laugh. There’s this little gem. Fear the Boot. . If you’ve been gaming for more than a month I bet you know at least one of the characters. Or at least have heard horror stories about them.
Oh, yeah it’s a podcast too. I haven’t listened to those yet but if they are of the same quality then they should be great too.
Go check these guys out.

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In Defense of 4th Edition

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Nov 282007

Yeah, everybody who is even a bit of geek knows that D&D 4th Edition is coming out. I put off writing this until I got a slightly better idea of what it will be like. There have been some little bits and pieces released but nothing substantial. I have no idea if the game will be great or it will incentive to play something else but I do know this. It’s time.
I know all those folks whining that they have crates of 3.5 books. Me too. But it’s gotten so bloated that even just the WOTC supplements are getting, well, shall we say over powering and unbalanced. Just look at the Spell and Magic Item Compendiums. It’s all about the swag.
Now on to the Rules Compendium, why the hell does this even exist? That’s all I have to say about this one.
And of course, for 4th Edition, we have Races & Classes and Monsters & Treasure. I really don’t think I need design essays. I want the crunch and just enough fluff. That’s it. These are just a money grab and that’s my opinion.

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Nov 232007

I spent yesterday with friends enjoying the holiday as most do. But I saw something shocking on the way home. McDonald’s was open and the parking lot was full. Frightening. No home cooked meal. Not even going to a real restaurant (many of which are open). Turkey McNuggets. A culture’s food is a reflection of itself. This is really a bad image.

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Public Service Notice

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Nov 122007

It was me this time. I came up with a new disorder. And I have it. It’s simple. You sit someone at a table with even a small number of plastic building blocks. They will play with them. It doesn’t matter how old they are or how few blocks. They must be fiddled with.
This condition is Restless Lego Syndrome.

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How does the other half live?

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Oct 242007

As I was driving home the other evening, I noticed my fellow suburbanites tending their lawns, washing their shiny SUV’s and doing all those normal things. So I thought to myself, “Wow, I really should mow the lawn too but it’s Thursday and that’s Warcraft night. Friday and Sunday are gaming and on Saturday I need to write a few pages. How does these people find the time?”
That’s when I realized I’m not like them. I spend hours on the keyboard writing, surfing and well playing. In between, I read and watch the occasional movie or TV show. That doesn’t include any little side projects. And I still have all those mundane things that the normal people do. It’s a geek’s life. There’s the video games, the table top games, all that reading, then there is the metropolis known as the Internet. There’s always something new and interesting out there. To add on top of that there’s the bloggin and the actual attempts at writing. Not much time for landscaping.
Yeah, I’m different and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Longing for the good old days

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Sep 182007

Well, just ran a one shot of McWoD (for those of you not paying attention that’s Monte Cook’s World of Darkness), it was fun and enjoyable but it took me back. I remember when I went through my realism stage and rules lawyer stage but it’s not like that any more. I want fun. I want some story (even if it’s kill everything within reach). There are too many games that are all about character optimization, point shaving, buying the latest and greatest supplement and just plain tweak mongering.
Now I’m not saying that my gaming group is bad or anything. They are a great bunch of guys and the games are so enjoyable that I don’t even take time for a smoke break. That’s really saying something there. But back to my point. I was just thinking after running that session, just to have a laid back game without a stack of rule books. Just a good story and fun. Characters doing crazy stuff without regard for what’s the best way to do it within the rules. Just fucking do it. Roll some dice. And have fun at it success or fail.
Who knows what the future holds for 4th Edition D&D? It’s probably be pretty much the same. What about GURPS or Storyteller? Damned if I know.
So it’s off for another Tuesday writing night.
Screw the rules. Just roll the damn the dice. My new motto.

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