Nov 082010

By this time of year I usually have a little shopping list for the neat new RPG’s that will be coming out next year. But not this year. It’s weird. There is nothing on my radar for 2011.
That’s not saying that there’s nothing neat coming up. There is. Just off the top of my head: Dragon Age Set 2, a few Pathfinder supplements, the Savage Worlds Horror Companion and Rumors from the Paranet for the Dresden Files RPG. Before the end of the year, the English version of Dungeonslayers 4..0 should be available. That’s all that I can think of that I’m anticipating. But not a single new game or setting in the mix.
I just don’t know that I’m being picky or just so comfortable with what I’m playing now that I’m not really looking for anything new. I can pretty much do anything I want with the stuff I have.
Oh and by the way, if there’s something that I haven’t heard about I’m not afraid to take suggestions.

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  4 Responses to “2011 Looks Bleak”

  1. I’d like to suggest a shower and a strong cup of coffee followed by a couple of midol, but results may vary 🙂

  2. Advanced HackMaster’s Hacklopedia of Beasts and Player’s Guide and the core box of The One Ring RPG is also coming next year. Plus Ravenloft 4e was promised 2011 Q3.

  3. I don’t know if it is your proverbial cup of tea or not but 2011 should see Far West:

    More info on it here at:

  4. All good suggestions folks. I totaly forgot about Far West.

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