Web Clip Wednesday: He’s Coming Back in 2012

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Dec 282011

Yeah, I know that I said that I probably wouldn’t post until after the New Year but just had to share this news. The Retarded Policeman is returning in January. Really, if I was half as funny as Greg Benson I could give up may day job.

And sorry to folks I shared this with on Google+. I just hate cross posting. But oh well.

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Web Clip Wednesday: Happy Holidays You Little Bastards

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Dec 212011

It’s that time of year and Bill Cavalier says it best. But then it does sound like Monte Cook might be having a very Merry Christmas. Personally, I suspect that Santa may a level or two of Paladin since he knows if you’ve been naughty or nice.

And I’ll probably be jumping through the good old holiday hoops some there may or may not be any posts next week.

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Dec 192011

Louis Porter has a pretty good idea here. Supporting 3rd party publishers supports Paizo. I remember when 4th Edition and the GSL came out. There was a whole firestorm just around this topic. The OGL helped the hobby, the OGL hurt the hobby.
I have this weird idea. Wizards is sort of like the Mircosoft of the RPG industry. They’re the big corporate entity. You either love them or hate them. While Paizo has evolved into the Apple of RPG’s. Good, solid, pretty products with a cult like following. As a sort of comparison, if you happen to love your Iphone or Ipad or whatever and buy various little peripherals for your device from third party vendors are you hurting Apple? I don’t think so. Third party publishers let get our hands on products that Paizo just might not have the time, money or inspiration to make. That’s OK. You’re still playing Pathfinder. As a gamer/consumer, they give us more choices and inspiration for our home games.
There’s nothing wrong with throwing a few bucks at third party publishers. Just read the reviews and choose the products just as you would with anything else. It’s not really hard. It helps us as gamers bring more stuff to our tables. It keeps the ecosystem of gaming material competitive and growing. So just help the little guys out too.

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Dec 152011

It’s that time of year running shopping, making lists and checking them twice. I just forgot to check my own wish lists twice. But then when you’re a lone geek surrounded by non-geeks, your relatives can get confused by your Christmas wish list. Anyway, lot’s of cool stuff is just popped up and dang it my list has already been made and pay day isn’t for another a couple days.
First and foremost a Carcosa and Isle of the Unknown are now on sale! Yippee. (Followed by several echoes from empty and hollow bank account.) Yeah, if I was paying more attention I would have been prepared.
Then two really neat looking projects have hit Kickstarter. Many I can’t wait to get a little more cash for these but then my birthday is just around the corner. 😉
a Astonishing Swordsmen Sorcerer4s of Hyperborea looks like a pretty neat old school weird fantasy Sword Sorcery game. Right up my warped alley.
a Monster Stand-Ins. Now this one is really cool idea. Sort of a happy blend between paper mini’s and plastic. The artwork is printed on credit card stock for extra durability. Dang, I wish I had thought of it.
Good thing these drives are going for a little while longer. Maybe tax time?

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Dec 122011

It was just just one of those weeks. Traffic to the game was horrible so folks were late. We had one player out thanks to a holiday party and various technical difficulties made the session a little interesting. It’s always a good session when we can work in Dr. Who, Black Adder and South Park references.
I forgot the power supply for my laptop so I had to go old school analog and print out my character sheet. Thanks to some hiccup on fonts or something, some of the L’s and I’s didn’t print out. We had a good laugh at my Codron Great Axe and the spell Bu’s Strength (Great Bu’s up, Edmund!). Also thanks to autocorrect on my cell phone. My laptop is now know as Latoya.
The Summoner player decided to switch out characters. He just wasn’t happy with it, so he switched to a Bard (Detective)/Master Spy. He wasn’t sure on a name or even a gender so off to a random name generator. And the name that popped up. Amelia. Immediately the group dubbed his character Amelia Pond.
Since we were down a player and feeling really lazy, we just did a little more kingdom building and some more exploring. Overall, it was a pretty easy session. We did have one “Oh Shit” encounter. We stumbled onto a black dragon. Normally, this probably would have ended up being a knock down drag out fight. But we have a bard now! A high Charisma and a ton of skill points = Bluffing and talking our way past the dragon. Yes, the bard convinced that dragon that we were agents of bigger meaner dragon and it had better leave us alone. We did scrap the plan of trying to fool the dragon with sock puppet but it was a good joke.
We completed a couple of the side quests from our laundry list. But that’s just comes with Kingmaker adventure path. Like I said before, at times it kind of feels like playing World of Warcraft. So any way, at the end of the session the characters leveled up to 13th and next time we should start the final book of the adventure path. But thanks to the holidays, our next session won’t be until after the holidays.