Dec 282015

I was thinking about how creativity is a good thing. Even if you aren’t the “best” at whatever you happen to be creating.
IF you love it and are passionate about it then create it. If some one else gets a bit joy, happiness, or entertainment out it then that’s even better. That makes it a good thing.
So there’s my positive holiday message. (Yes, a little late but hey, there’s New Years around the corner.) Do what you love. Enjoy it. Share it. And heck if you can make enough scratch for a pizza all the better.

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Dec 212015

It’s Monday and a ton of people have already seen The Force Awakens. So I don’t feel to bad about doing some rants. But let this be your warning. There are some spoilers below. I will try to not have too many spoilers but there will be some. So if you haven’t seen it and want to avoid them. Just go away and come back after you’ve seen it.
You have been warned.
Really, I warned you.
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Dec 172015

There’s going to be very little other than Star Wars talk for the next few days. Here’s ten things that you won’t hear from the fans.
1. The line is so short.
2. I miss Jar Jar Binks.
3. Where’s the Enterprise?
4. Midi-Clorians make total sense now.
5. There wasn’t enough CGI.
6. C3PO shot first.
7. Tell me more spoilers.
8. The theater was empty.
9. It was so cool that Disney set up that Guardians of the Galaxy crossover.
10. I’ll just wait for it come out on VHS.

Dec 152015

So watched the premier of The Expanse on SyFy last night. I normally don’t rant about shows until I’ve seen a few episodes but with the holidays and all, I figured take the time while I’ve got it.
In a nutshell, humanity has colonized the solar system and in true human fashion, it’s not a happy place. Earth and Mars are on the brink of war. The “have’s” of the inner planets are exploiting the working “have-nots'” in the asteroid belt. It’s got a cool vibe along the lines of Blade Runner, or especially Outland.
First, I haven’t read the books. I do hear that they’re pretty good. But with one episode under there belt, I think it might too soon to say on this one. Now, the writing seems spot on. The effects and production design are top notch. And the acting is good. But I got a couple of thing.
My first thought was does Thomas Jane and Gary Oldman have the same barber? I know that’s a nitpicky thing but it’s what I thought. Second, (and I’m stressing only one episode so far) there isn’t a single character I care about. I mean nada zip. I know the episode had a tall order. It had to introduce the setting, the conflicts, and the characters. So hopefully, that will change as we are introduced more to the characters.
So we shall see. It’s well worth a look at least.
Any way, check out the trailer.

Oh and in a bit of shameless self promotion. The Expanse is prefect Appendix N material for my little Stark Space project.

Dec 142015

Well by this weekend we will know the answers to all those Star Wars questions.
Who is Kylo Ren?
Where’s Luke?
Does it suck?
Speculation is going to run rampant in the days and hours leading up to the premier. Even more than before. There will be more “leaks”. But we’re going to know. Let’s hope The Force Awakens is great and rekindles the magic that was the original trilogy.
Oh and a side note. I’ll bet there will dozens of more questions that will come out after the movie. Just wait and see. Now get in line, get your Christmas shopping done, and May the Force be with you.

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Dec 072015

It’s December and I’m really behind on doing those normal things I do every year. Like this post. It’s time for reflection. Cleaning out the archives. And little deep thought. So much has gone on in my life this year and next years probably isn’t going to be any different. There’s been good stuff and bad stuff. But this about the old blogs.
First and foremost. I won’t be posting any more RPG stuff on this blog. All of it will posted over at They Might Be Gazebos. That leaves me with a big question. What to do with this blog? I could just let it linger and fade away. Or I could focus more on life stuff and rants about the huge bucket of suck that seems to happen every day. I don’t like doing angry rants. I may feel better for a while but then it boils down into some sort of flame war/blame game/Internet lynch mob. There’s plenty of other things to rant about but let’s face it with social media, why post a rant at all? So I don’t know. Got a few weeks to think. So who knows? Maybe I will come up with something. That is between all the holiday crap and basically hitting control-alt-delete on my life in general. That probably means that 2016 is going to be interesting.
Stay tuned. I’m sure I’ll post another rant here about something soon.

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