Oct 102013

So that Dresden Files game has been going on for quite a while now. We’ve given the system a great run and we’ve kicked the tires. FATE is a good system but.. Yeah, there’s a but. As one the players said, “There are times when you just want to roll dice and kill some monsters.” So true.
As A GM, I love the easy prep and how easy it is run things off the cuff. This is very important because the players will run all over the place in FATE games. The players loved the freedom and ability to affect the world. Everybody loved the quick play.
Because it’s a story game, there’s lots of story and some times that wears on people. Just like the comedy RPG’s. It’s hard to be funny all the time. This is my bit of sage advice for any FATE GM’s out there. Don’t ever jump the shark. If the story is coming to an end. Let it end. If everyone is having fun then good but intentionally drag out and hope for the best isn’t a great idea. I don’t plan on doing that to the players or myself. The other thing I’ve noticed after a pretty long campaign is that a lot starts to feel the same. No matter what is going on.
Now with that being said, don’t take this as an anti-FATE rant. Play a few games and sit back a relax. There’s a lot that you can learn and transfer over to just about any game. Back when we were going the Kingmaker Adventure Path with Pathfinder, we used Aspects for the characters. I plan on introducing something like in just about every other game I run. Also, let the players contribute to the world. They love that. It gives them more of a connection to the world and it takes a little bit off the GM’s plate.
Yes, FATE is still on my little list of way cool games to play. And there’s a damn good chance I’ll be playing or running it again. Maybe a Sci-Fi game or something. Who knows?

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