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I’ve been a gamer, geek and fanboy for about 30 years. Now that I’m old and grumpy I don’t mind sharing my opinion. The whole goal of this crazy thing is hopefully to make a few people laugh, a few others think and to just piss off the remainder.
Don’t expect late breaking news or anything that could even pass as journalism. Just me ranting about whatever I feel like.
There two people who really inpsired me to do this site. I blame them for this whole mess. I’m talking to you, Wil Wheaton and Leo LaPorte
Lastly, I hate the word “blog”.

Where did you that stupid name?
Grognard: 1) A veteran soldier of Napoleon’s army. Literally, “Grumbler”. 2) A wargamer. 3) An old gamer set in his ways.
Fuktard: From on line games, “Fucking Retard”, use “Way to go you team killing fuktard”
Grogtard: 1) A stupid old gamer. 2) A stupid old geek. Simple Grognard+Fuktard=Grogtard.
Someone who is so drunk that they are stupid (Thanks to Howard Taylor for that definition.)

So what is this all about?

This whole thing started off as a humorous Web site about the geek life. I said at the beginning that I wouldn’t do blog. After much designing and hair pulling, a little voice snickered inside my head, “Dude, THAT’S a blog.” I hate those fucking voices. And I just hate the word “blog”.

You have offended my Klingon/Goth/Geek/Gamer sense of hono
Get over it.

Are you that stupid?

Why don’t you do a web comic?

Because I can’t draw

When I Google grogtard, I see all this stuff on fuckfrance.com, is that you?
No it’s not but fuck France anyway.

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