Jul 022010

I’ve been really bored with World of Warcraft lately. It just isn’t that same as it used to be. Horde and Alliance sitting all cosy like in some city. Everybody just sitting around waiting for the next raid. The rest of the world is pretty much dead. You can for hours without seeing another player.
With this quandary in mind, I started checking out some of the free MMO’s out there. I messed with D&D Online but I think I’m so used to playing on the table top that it just didn’t do it for. There was little with Shaiya and for fun I gave Warhammer Online a run with their trail.
What’s kind of grabbed my attention is Allods. This may be due to its slightly steampunkish looks and we’re getting ready to start a Spelljammer campaign and I couldn’t pass up magical space galleons. As you can tell by the headline, this is a Russian game and it shows. There’s two opposing faction just like WoW; The League (Humans, Elves and Gibberlings) and The Empire (Humans, Orcs and Arisen).
Everything is pretty much standard. The Elves are pretty much the same except that have fairy wings. You really don’t fly just hoover above the ground. The Orcs are well Orcs. The Arisen are like the Forsaken if they had mechanical arms and legs. Now the Gibberlings are interesting. They’re the small race because every MMO needs a cute little race. These little guys are kind of interesting and I say guys because they are always born in groups of three so in a way your running around as three Gibberlings. They look sort of like a feral Gizmo from Gremlins. The classes are pretty much your standard fare. Warrior, Paladin, Mage, Healer, and few others that folks will recognize.
You can really see the game’s origins if you play Empire. You start off in a dingy gray sailor suit which looks really silly if you’re playing an Orc. Once you reach the starting city, some of the signs in the backgrounds are still Cyrillic. But the quests have a stereotypical Russian feel. Bug these buildings for conspirators. Find some smugglers that are bringing in Elf porn. Apparently, Orcs like Elf porn. The whole are has dull industrial look to it. Orcs patrolling the streets in police uniforms. All of the NPC’s have Slavic names. It’s not really a bad thing and in way it’s nice change of pace.
The game play is pretty much typical MMO/WoW style. The graphics are pretty darned good. I just wish they would have spent more time on sound. Some of the music is just annoying and there’s not too many sound’s for effects. Unlike some free MMO’s I haven’t been spammed with buy stuff. But from what I’ve read they put over a barrel if you die. Long down time to cursing your items. But hey they do have to make some money to support the game. I’m all for capitalism.
Overall, it’s been pretty fun and heck it’s free.

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