Mar 142013

I’ve been thinking a lot about Tunnels and Trolls thanks to the Kickstarter for the Deluxe Edition and something occurred to me the other day. There’s an important lesson to be learned in this modern age from this game. It doesn’t matter if you like or are even interested in the game. That lesson is still important.
Way in 1975, Ken St. Andre got his hands on the original edition and gave it read through. And well there were some things that didn’t quite make sense to him. Back then (for you youngsters out there) there was no Internet, no blogs, no forums, no social media. Ken didn’t didn’t go off on rampage screaming about how it was bad game and it needed to be changed because of the style of play he wanted. No. He wrote his own game. And the rest is history folks.
If you don’t like game X then there’s nothing in the world stopping from writing your own game. Who knows, maybe there will many others who love your game. Instead of wasting your and many other people’s time on complaining, how about creating what like? I know that’s novel concept to many. It’s much easier to bitch about not getting what you want than actually making what you want.

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