Oct 152012

Sat down and watched the new Arrow series on The CW. I’m still kind on the fence on this one.
Some of the dialog is a bit melodramatic and there just feels like there’s something missing. But pilot episodes of any series seem to kind of suck. They’re busy getting the ground work laid rather than developing any of the characters or sublplots. So that’s sort of expected.
It’s good seeing another gritty superhero tale. Of course, if I see on boxing glove arrow, I’m out of there. But there’s plenty of potential here to keep my fan boy curiosity growing.
There’s a lot we know. It’s been confirmed that Huntress will become a reoccurring character. We know that John Barrowman )Captain Jack Harkness Torchwood/Dr. Who) will be playing “A Well Dressed Man”. But there hasn’t been any real confirmation exactly who this character is. There’s been the lots of fan speculation. I’ll go ahead throw out my own little fan boy wish. Bruce Wayne. It may sound crazy but there is this little tidbit from The Nerdist Podcast. It’s about 20 minutes in and that speculation is thrown out there and the only response is a little nervous laugh and silence. But in my rational mind, I don’t think DC would throw such a bid name character in there. It’s much more likely that it will be Maxwell Lord or Slade Wilson/Deathstroke. Now I know that IMDB has Jeffery C. Robinson as Deathstroke but Mr. Robinson’s other work has been as a stunt double. So one actor for “civilian” clothes and another for the super villain version. Why not?
Will Diana Lance become the Black Canary? Let’s Black Canary is a major character in Green Arrow lore. But maybe that’ll be a plot line for Season 2.
Then there’s Paul Blackthorne from the ill fated Dresden Files Series. There are moments when I’m thinking Harry Dresden meets Green Arrow. Wow, doesn’t that sound like a crazy bit of fan fiction.
All in all, I’d say give it a few more episodes and see what happens. It’s too early to tell whether this will be a real winner. But I’ll try to be optimistic.

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