Jul 192010

So taking a little breather this evening and sat down to the old idiot box without much regard for channel or show. But stopped and watched Rules of Engagement which normally I don’t bother to catch. It’s that wasteland between How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory. But this episode was one inside joke for the SO and me. I have this little habit dealing with alarm clocks and snooze alarms that drives her crazy. So I slap at the alarm clock for half an hour before dragging my weary carcass out of bed. It’s like bonus sleep. It’s those moments of mental preparation before heading off to the cubicle mines. This episode is a cautionary tale of switching sides of the bed. All I have to say is that I am not responsible for anything I do the first minute after I wake up.

And, in case you wondering, I never hit her while aiming for the alarm clock but I have been forcibly nudged to get my lazy ass out of bed.

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