Nov 072012

The Barebones Fantasy RPG by DWD Studios has hit the sweet spot for a lot folks including me. So immediately I must do a rules hack. It’s just the kind of guy I am.
And speaking of the kind of guy I am, I don’t consider myself a smooth talker but that doesn’t mean I don’t like trying to play that kind of character. Sure there are plenty of people in the same boat. I try my best to role play but sometimes a little roll playing helps out. So I decided to come up with The Talker.
This is the face man, con artist, charlatan, performer or what have you.
Score: Half Logic +10/level
Fast Talker: The character knows how to bluff, intimidate, fast talk, seduce and banter.
Sway The Crowd: An Fast Talker can sway the attitude of a crowd. GM’s should modify this by the size and temperament of the crowd. It isn’t that easy to calm a lynch mob.
Know A Guy: Fast Talkers make friends (and enemies) where ever they travel. When in a civilized area, the Fast Talker may make check to see if he knows anybody that may be able to assist in some way. The assistance may not be free or without strings attached.
Rapier Wit: With sarcastic remarks and witty banter, a Fast Talker can distract his opponents in melee combat. The character may replace his Fast Talker skill with Melee Skill. This ability can only be used on sentient opponents (not golems, animals or some undead). It cannot be used unskilled.

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