Jan 072011

This was really meant to be a much longer review but heck real life and other dead lines just got in the way but here’s some quick thoughts.
I gotta say that it’s pretty damned good. Not quite as good as the Advanced Player’s Guide but still good. A lot monster books are just a conga line of gimmick monsters and retreads of established creatures. B2 is more like a continuation and filling in of the gaps left by the first Bestiary.
I’m not going to bother with full list but here’s a very rough and quick break down. Lots of outsiders of just about every type. Some monsters from legend. Some stuff that came be used as player character races. Some classic monsters that didn’t make the cut for the original Bestiary. Monsters from previous Adventure Paths converted to from 3.5 to Pathfinder. There’s a good cross section of monsters across CR’s for GM’s to throw at players.
Who should buy it? I’d say it’s really good for for game masters. Hell, you can never have too many nifty monsters. As for players, there’s not that much. Yeah a couple more options for companions, familiars and races. So GM’s buy it. Players, you can do with the PDF. If you’re planning on running your own Pathfinder campaign, I high recommend it. It will be well worth your hard earned dollars.

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