Jan 272011

Once again I stumble into one those movies that went under the radar. This time it’s Bitten.
This little movies stars Jason Mewes as a down on his luck EMT working the graveyard shift. He spends his nights saving a string of overdosing junkies and pretty much has a miserable life. Then one night he runs across Danika (Erica Cox as our soon to be vampire) dying in the alley near his shit hole apartment. She begs him not to take her to hospital and he relents and takes her in. Then the fun and killing begin.
What can I say? Well, the script was a bit bumpy in spots and some times it didn’t quite make sense. My first thought was that it reminded me a lot of Blood Sucking Fiends by Christopher Moore just not quite as funny but with a lot more boobs. Here’s one of the better scenes. (Not Work Safe, kiddies.)

Recommendation: Watch it if you have the time.

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