Nov 262012

Saturday night I prepared for my little adventure to watch The Book of Vile Darkness on SyFy. My preparation wasn’t all that special. Acquire beer. Drink several then drink more through the movie. I’ll try to keep this as spoiler free as possible but really it’s not like it’s really that intriguing.
Here’s the basic plot. Wanna-be young knight/paladin type rescues father who was kidnapped by evil dudes. Evil dudes want to milk the father for Liquid Pain to rewrite the Book of Vile Darkness and plunge the world into evil darkness times. The hero joins up with a party of evil Shadar-kai to lead him to his father. Along the way, he does bad things to maintain his cover as just a sell sword. In the end, he saves his father and the world.
Book of Vile Darkness continues the tradition of meh dialog, acting and plot. I never really felt anything for any of the characters. It was bland just like the characters. The worst part is that it wasn’t so bad that it was good. It was just bad enough to annoying. TO be honest, I’d rather watch the first one and laugh my ass off than this one.
Here’s the trailer

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  1. Once again I shake my head. WotC has dozens of great novels that could be mined for amazing stories. If only they’d just pay off Courtney Solomon and make a real movie.

  2. I know it’s freaking crazy. Even GI Joe gets a better movie treatment than D&D.

  3. Rule #1 for any new D&D sequels – DO NOT START THE MOVIE WITH AN EXPOSITORY VOICE-OVER!

    This is just bad writing and it starts people out by boring them. Even when it’s at it’s best, it makes you wish you had seen the narration as it’s own movie. At it’s worst you have people walking out of the theater.

    If I were to helm a D&D movie with a real budget, I’d set it in Eberron. I’d start the movie with the race of the seven winds in Sharn. For those unfamiliar with it, it’s a race through a metropolis built into the sides of a huge canyon. The contestantss all fly, either on devices, through magic, or on their own (a gargoyle is usually one of the contestants). A degree of violence between the cntestatnts is allowed.

    It would be an expensive scene, but it would start out with excitement and show you that this is a world with lots of species, a huge city, strange magical technology. It would say, “this isn’t a cheap LotR knockoff.”

    You could either have one of the characters be a rider in the race or you could segue into a few characters in a bar cheering on their favorite. You could then have the rest of your exposition in character terms. The characters meet a wounded veteran and give him a few coins, mentioning where they served. This tells people that there’s been a war recently. If one says he was in the Brelish Lancers and the other curses those damn Karnathi, then you know who was fighting!

    See, I’m not even a writer and I can do exposition better than they can.

    Yes, subtle exposition has a chance of turning off the stupider people in the audience. But blatant exposition runs the chance of turning off the smart people. There’s alreayd a lot of entertainment for stupid people. We need more movies for smart people.

  4. Very true. Eberron would work great. If they wanted to go all out then they could do a whole new setting and have the movie be part of the tie-in.

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