Nov 102015

First here we’ve got on old favorite returning. MST3K was such a huge part of my formative years that the damage is still obvious in just about every project that I stick my grubby little fingers into. So keep the world silly. Because we need more silly. We need more parody. We need to laugh more. Back the resurrection of MST3K.

Also if you even barely looked at this blog, you’d notice that I’m a big time gamer. I just love the stuff. So when I saw this little Kickstarter, I thought “Why hasn’t some one done this before?” This is something really simple and needed (IMHO) for RPG’s. Even if you don’t have vision problems, this is a good thing to throw some support behind.

So there you go a couple of cool Kickstarters. Go ahead and check them out.

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Sep 282015

Let your Geek Flag fly. Read an RPG book in public. Of course, reading a physical book alone might put you outside the norm. But, hey, share your love with your hobby. Throw up those selfies. Use the hash tags. Do all that kind of stuff. But I will say this. Reading an RPG book at your FLGS doesn’t count. So get out there and read.

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Sep 262015

As you know I’ll do a shout to a Kickstarter now and then. This one is special. Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure.
Not only is it old school or more specifically Dungeon Crawl Classics, but it’s darned right scary. Well, how do I know? Well, first I’ve Mike “Wrath of Zombie” Evans for quite a while now and he’s a pretty wild and cool guy. Just check out his blog and yes there is more about Hubris there.
But also I helped play test this bad boy. Hubris is fun and keeps to the Dungeon Crawl Classic theme of “You’re no hero.” Life is tough. The world is unforgiving. And it’s a blast. A deadly weird freaky nasty blast. This ain’t elves and dwarves reskinned. To put it bluntly, the world is a bad place. Hubris will chew you up and shit you out then chew up again.
There’s a damned good creative team backing this up too. Check that list out on the Kickstarter. There’s some grad A talent there. Just watch pretty moving pictures.

Like I said, check it out.

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May 122015

That’s right my very first RPG product. That kind of explains why things have been kind of quiet around here. Here’s the quick blurb:
Six new classes for your old school space opera games.
Be an odd Alien from the other side of the galaxy. Warp reality to your will as an Astromancer. Save the day with some bubble gum and duct tape as an Engineer. Slauguther your foes and exlpore strange worlds as a primite Lost Worlder. Shoot first as a Scoundrel. Harness the powers of a dark star as a Warp Ninja.
Outer Space Raiders Volume 1 is compatible with White Star: White Box Science Fiction Rolelpaying by Barrel Rider Games.
You can grab it up at Drivethrurpg.

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Jan 012015
Magic Pig Media

Yeah, 2014 is over. It’s no secret that the last couple years have pretty much sucked ass. I mean really sucked like a giant flaming bucket of poo. But 2015 is here and things just gotta change.
I won’t jinx myself by ranting on about what I’ve got planned nor will I list my resolutions but I’ll tell you all this. Hang on. You’ll probably see some changes happening on the blogs. You’ll some weird stuff on social media and who knows I just might finally get a few of those projects done. I mean really done.
This year is all about change. Like I said, things just have to change (or at least die trying). A New Year is going to be interesting and hopefully the best year.
So stay tuned for some fun stuff. Either that or train wreck. Let’s hope it’s fun stuff.

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