May 122015

That’s right my very first RPG product. That kind of explains why things have been kind of quiet around here. Here’s the quick blurb:
Six new classes for your old school space opera games.
Be an odd Alien from the other side of the galaxy. Warp reality to your will as an Astromancer. Save the day with some bubble gum and duct tape as an Engineer. Slauguther your foes and exlpore strange worlds as a primite Lost Worlder. Shoot first as a Scoundrel. Harness the powers of a dark star as a Warp Ninja.
Outer Space Raiders Volume 1 is compatible with White Star: White Box Science Fiction Rolelpaying by Barrel Rider Games.
You can grab it up at Drivethrurpg.

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Jan 012015
Magic Pig Media

Yeah, 2014 is over. It’s no secret that the last couple years have pretty much sucked ass. I mean really sucked like a giant flaming bucket of poo. But 2015 is here and things just gotta change.
I won’t jinx myself by ranting on about what I’ve got planned nor will I list my resolutions but I’ll tell you all this. Hang on. You’ll probably see some changes happening on the blogs. You’ll some weird stuff on social media and who knows I just might finally get a few of those projects done. I mean really done.
This year is all about change. Like I said, things just have to change (or at least die trying). A New Year is going to be interesting and hopefully the best year.
So stay tuned for some fun stuff. Either that or train wreck. Let’s hope it’s fun stuff.

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Dec 012014
Magic Pig Media

Well, it’s December. The last month of the year and that time when just about every one is bouncing due to the holidays. For it’s also that time to sit back and be a little introspective.
I had a lot of plans this year and well most of them didn’t get done. Needless to say, the last few years have been one giant bucket of suck. So many real life issues have thrown a monkey wrench into my brain that I’m lucky that what little done that I was able to.
I do know this. I really need to make some changes in my life in order to have any chance of getting at least a decent percentage of the goals I’ve set for myself done. The bad part is that a lot of things I want to get done in 2015, I had planned to get done in 2014. Let’s see there’s a novel, short story anthology, a second cookbook, about half a dozen RPG projects, and a wide variety of household and lifestyle stuff left over on the To-Do List. For 2015, I’m bouncing around an idea for a little Patreon project. I want to make some changes on the good old blogs. And there’s a couple little secret projects that are just the embryonic stage right now.
I know I’m going to have make a some changes in my lifestyle if I want any chance of getting some of those things done. So December is my time to sit back and think about it and plan. So that means there might not be a whole bunch of updates. It might also mean you might see some old posts recycled. Or you might see the blogs go crazy as I tinker with them.
Stay tuned and wish me luck.

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Jun 192014

Yes, I got crazy and zipped over to Zazzle and did a little shirt. Because let’s face it, we’re going to hear this years. But then I think we’ve always heard someone shouting this. It’s just that Internet makes it easier to hear the shouts of outrage.
So got a minute, just head on over to Zazzle and check out the shirts.
And thanks.

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May 242014

As you may have noticed I haven’t been all that active. Heck, I haven’t blogged anything in what I consider quite a while. Let’s just that my life has been interesting and not in the fun way more like in the Chinese curse way.
Let’s see my car got rearended. The day job has gotten even more suck with layoffs and stuff being outsourced. Yes, I still have a job but every day I see money coming out of pocket getting sent offshore and even more work to do. Let’s just say that even the people who were optimistic are now just as pessimistic as I have been. It’s one of those times when it’s not good to right.
So I’ve taken this week to step back and do a little soul searching and thinking. Resumes are going out. Nothing yet on that front. It’s also time to move ahead on so many things. That means you’ll see a few changes around the blogs. Getting a few more of those little gaming projects done and running like Skarynth and a crazy OSR game. It means more writing. More working. And being just a little bit more creative about my life. Basically, it’s time to move a head or start thinking about a career in panhandling and selling myself in the bathroom at the bus station. Yeah, things are that sucky.
The rest of this weekend is going to be chilling out, sitting back, watching a few movies, working on a couple gaming things, and putting some touches on a few minor projects. Then it’s off to the races. Wish me luck. It’s going to interesting ride. Hopefully, in the fun way.

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