I’ve talked about this months and had little previews and blurbs here and there. Things are getting down to the wire so I figured it’d be time to release a little preview. I know it’s not that much and we’re still doing that last bit of editing and layout so there just might be a change here and there. This is it folks. The light at the end of the tunnel. I know someone will ask, “When’s coming it out?” Remember, I still have a day job and I know better than to mention any solid dates until the thing is completely in the can. So it will come out soon.
Crunchy Bits Preview

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I’ve got lots of irons in the fire so I figured I’d start doing a weekly update over here. Mainly, to keep my own sanity and to start doing a little bit of shameless self promotion.
Any one who’s followed my various whining here and on social media knows that the last couple of years have been a major kick in the head and it’s been struggle to get things back on track. Heck, I’m still trying to get everything back track. One of the ways I’m doing this is getting all these projects done and moving forward at full speed.
The last couple weeks, I’ve been focused on Crunchy Bits. In case you haven’t heard, this is the geek inspired cookbook that I’m working on with a dear friend. Right now, the draft is topping out at 180 pages before artwork and the final editing is almost done then it’s time for layout. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
As soon as I get Crunchy Bits out on the market, work gets focused on the other big project. Swords of a Forgotten Age: The World of Skarynth is my own little take on swords & sorcery that’s compatible with Swords & Wizardry and Crypts & Things. Right now, I’d say that this is in the bleeding Alpha stage. There parts that need to be rewritten and a few little things that need to be written. I’d say that I’ve 95% of the art in hand. I’ve gotten lots of feedback on this one so it should be great when it gets done. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that will be soon.
The thing is both these projects have evolved and grown from their original conception. I suppose that’s a good thing and should make them better.
So that’s where I am right now. Oh yeah, there are lots of things on horizon. At times, it feels like too many but it’s time to work hard and efficiently.

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The session went sort of like that. We did some catch up and decided what exactly happened when Alex took up the Denarian. It ended up being a pretty dramatic scene. The party ended up in a show down with “Bones” Rodriguez. Artie cast a quick and dirty “lock down” spell that held everybody in their place. Then things got interesting. Bones struggled against the spell and Alex could the gang leader’s finger tightening on the trigger of his pistol. It was aimed at Artie. Then he heard the voice of the Denarian. He could save Artie if he only said, “Yes.” He did then tore apart the gang leader, mocked the party and slipped away to cause more mayhem. He doesn’t even look like he used to.
Then we moved on to catching up on the city. There a few a little additions and things I need to work on but here’s the gist. The party wanted some new emissaries from the Fairy Courts. And they wanted something different. They decided they didn’t want a slinky seductress as the new representative for the Winter Court. They wanted someone creepy friendly and “helpful” like that aunt that nobody really wants around. They decided Paula Deen would be a perfect archetype for the new Winter Court emissary.
For the Summer Court, they went full on fun. Lavender the Lecherous and just a little creepy unicorn. The first thought that came to my mind was Unicow from Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show. So that’s a couple of new characters I need to work on.
They decided that Sissy, Puck’s Fairy Knight, would end up being the face of The Triangle. The Triangle is that place in town that “The Cops Don’t Go There At Night”. It’s a run down and crime ridden area. To throw a twist on things, Sissy has also gained the reputation as the local vigilante and has the support of the common folks. They also discussed Madame Faux Roux (The Voodoo Drag Queen). Not much really happened with this character, so unless I come up with something interesting, this character just goes away.
They also decided that The Plantation District has turned pretty much into a war zone. The Black and Red Courts have pretty much pulled out all the stops. This could get pretty ugly.
So that’s what happened there. I got a few things to write up and get straightened out. to get ready for the next session in a couple weeks. The party is going to have an interesting adventure. They get to do apartment hunting. What could possibly go wrong.
Oh, yeah. Updates. I tweaked the RSS feed to the RPG Blog Alliance. You’ll start seeing just the RPG related stuff there. Mainly, because I’m going to start ranting about other stuff here. So no need to clog up that feed. Enjoy and stay tuned.

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The year is almost over and most folks are still busy messing around with the holidays. So are we. But I figured I’d take this chance to do few quick little rants.
Both 2011 and 2012 have pretty much sucked for me. Lots of really bad things happened both personally and professionally. But I’m not going to let any of that keep me down. It’s to get all crazy busy.
I started my little geeky imprint, Magic Pig Media. There’s a lot of neat stuff in the works. And dammit, it’s going to get done. One way or the other. That’s what’s really going to take up the bulk of my free time. Don’t worry. You’ll still see all sorts of neat stuff here as well as on They Might Be Gazebos. Hell, you just might see more crazy posts. I hope so.
Sometime in 2013, I’m going to start an Old School Campaign with my twisted take on the rules. I have no idea when nor do I even know whether it’ll be face to face or via Google+.
That’s pretty much it. My whole goal for 2013 is to basically pull my head out of my ass and get shit done.
So Happy New Year, folks. Let’s have a good one.

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That’s right I’m throwing my hat into the publisher ring. You can read the whole announcement over here.
Now, this will have some effect on the good old blogs. You won’t see as many game reviews. I just don’t feel right doing that. But that doesn’t if I see something that I think is really cool, I won’t throw shout out or plug it. It just means that if I think a something meh, I won’t be writing about it.
Wish me luck, folks.

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