May 042016

What kind of geek would I be if I didn’t mention Star Wars today? Well, I’d probably not be considered that cool of one.
I remember standing in the rain way back in the day to see the premier of New Hope. I remember standing in lines to see it again. I remember the thrill when the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi came out. I remember the thrill of the announcement of the prequels, quickly followed by the disappointment. Now, it’s a new age for the Star Wars universe. The Mouse has taken the reigns. Good movies are being made. Force Awakens was pretty good (but not without some faults) and Rogue One looks awesome. But I can’t help but feel a little down.
Part of the post movie joy back in the old days was hunting down whatever merchandise, T-shirts, toys, comics, books, or magazines that came out. It was a hero’s quest and just as much about the journey as it was about finally finding that Holy Grail. Now, you can’t swing a stick without seeing some bit merch.
Now, I’m not saying the good old Uncle George wasn’t out to make a buck and pushed movie merchandising to a whole new level. But just the amount of stuff that’s filling every freaking store is staggering. It kind of takes the joy out of being a fan. But then again, in a Jedi philosophy sort of way being a fan isn’t about how merch you’ve got but how much you enjoy the universe. So maybe that’s one of the signs of true fandom. It’s not about how much money you spend, it’s about your particular bit of geekery makes you feel.
So be happy. Have fun.

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Apr 202016

SyFy has been doing a good job of late. Killjoys, Dark Matter, and The Expanse all rocked. Then comes along Hunters. Yes, it is based on a novel and I haven’t read it. So I have no idea how closely the TV series matches up. So I’ll just talk about the show.
Here’s the elevator pitch. It’s like Men in Black but take out all the humor and pop culture references. It’s a secret government organizations hunting alien terrorists on Earth. Our main character is a vet with PTSD turned FBI agent whose wife gets kidnapped by the aliens. And thus he gets caught up in the whole fight the aliens thing. And we have to throw some mysteries to keep viewers coming back. First, we don’t know why the aliens are even here or bothering to mess with humans. The premier does give us the insight that the aliens are doing it because humans deserve it (according to the aliens anyway). We also learn that some how the aliens infiltrated the super secret government task force. But it’s either a red herring or they aren’t even trying to hide which character it is. Yeah. That’s it. Maybe some interesting characters would liven things up. Well, after just the premier, they’re really going to have to do something because right now, there aren’t any.
On one hand, the plot would make an interesting game but so far it hasn’t really made an interesting series. So I’ll give my usual three episode trial run and see what happens. But so far the Magic 8 Ball says, “Outlook is not good.”

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Jan 062016

Well The Shannara Chronicles premiered last night on MTV. Yeah, MTV. If you’d have asked me what channel a fantasy show would be on my answer would have never been MTV.
It was years ago when I read the books and I have to admit that I don’t remember a darned thing about them. Which is kind of odd since there’s plenty of other books that I remember fondly. Maybe the stories didn’t do anything for me. The only thing that really stuck with me were the awesome Hildebrandt covers.
But on the good side that means I can go into the TV series without saying “But in the book…” So what did I take from the show? The special effects were good for TV. The shots of the landscape were pretty damned cool. John Rhys-Davies not only has played a bad ass dwarf but now adds elf king to his resume. And Allanon is a kick ass dude.
Since it’s MTV, they made painfully obvious that they’re shooting for the young adult audience. OK, I can live with that. The dialog and acting are what one expect with a made-for-MTV series. Now, there is one thing that just shook my head on. I did quick search on the net and couldn’t find a still from the show but take notice. ELVES WITH MAN BUNS. No. Nuff said.
Over all. It’s not bad. It’s not great either. I’d put it in the “meh” category. But like when any popular fiction series makes to the small or big screen without totally sucking, it gives hope that somewhere out there is a creative team that’s going to take some of the other tales and transition them. It gives me hope for a Lankhmar or Elric treatment. Maybe a great reboot of Conan or that long awaited Red Sonja movie. We shall see.

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Jan 052016

I think enough time has gone that I don’t need to scream out “SPOILERS”. But I’ll still try to keep the rant as spoiler free as possible.
So, the really big question for the next Star Wars movie is “Who’s the daddy and mommy?” That’s the big question about Rey. Is it Han and Leia? Or Luke and some mystery woman? Or maybe something even really out there and corny? She’s a new clone with Force powers. Vader’s here daddy.
The other big question is who are Finn’s parents? There’s rumors that there’s ties to other characters. And conflicting stupid rumors that Lando Calrissian is his father. Uh. Ok. Whatever. That would such a cheap bit of storytelling.
Any way, that’s my rant for today. Yeah, I’m a little sleepy and the old brain ain’t firing on all cylinders.

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Dec 212015

It’s Monday and a ton of people have already seen The Force Awakens. So I don’t feel to bad about doing some rants. But let this be your warning. There are some spoilers below. I will try to not have too many spoilers but there will be some. So if you haven’t seen it and want to avoid them. Just go away and come back after you’ve seen it.
You have been warned.
Really, I warned you.
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Dec 172015

There’s going to be very little other than Star Wars talk for the next few days. Here’s ten things that you won’t hear from the fans.
1. The line is so short.
2. I miss Jar Jar Binks.
3. Where’s the Enterprise?
4. Midi-Clorians make total sense now.
5. There wasn’t enough CGI.
6. C3PO shot first.
7. Tell me more spoilers.
8. The theater was empty.
9. It was so cool that Disney set up that Guardians of the Galaxy crossover.
10. I’ll just wait for it come out on VHS.

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