Oct 052015

food fail
Biscuits and gravy are one of the staples especially in the South. I’m no different. I like it and usually throw on a little hot sauce. It’s a simple and comfort food. Sausage gravy. Well, that isn’t hard to make. Good biscuits are little more difficult but it can be done and doesn’t take a whole lot of skill.
Well, the Lays chips are pretty easy to talk about. Imagine a food you like being ground up into a powder then ran through a chemistry lab then sprinkled onto a potato chip. There you got it. But this other. No this is a crime against nature.
Larry The Cable Guy Biscuits
I just couldn’t pass this up at the store. It was like driving by a car accident. I just had to look. I knew it would be train wreck. I had low expectation. But even those low expectations weren’t met. Here’s a little peak at the frozen wonder.
Frozen Hell
When still frozen it looks pretty damned unappetizing. But just follow the directions and it turns into this!
A bubbling mass of gooey gravy and mutated biscuits. I was going to try to taste it but you people don’t pay enough for that shit. But the smell alone was enough. It smelled like paste. You know that kind when you mix water and flour. Yeah and not even in a good way.
That was food experiment for the week. I messed with this so you wouldn’t have to.

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Aug 042015

Did you know 40% of the food grown is just wasted? That’s right wasted. Not rotted or spoiled. Just thrown away for virtually no real reason.

The other night I sat down and watched Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story. It’s pretty damned interesting. How about living for six months on found food? Well, they did that and gained weight and gave away food and had a big dinner party at the end. Or how about this? You know those Use By/Sell By/Best By dates you see in the supermarket. Yeah, that pretty much means nothing as far as actual spoilage goes. And that date isn’t a government regulated one, it’s mainly between the manufacturer and retailer.
I’m totally against having the government food police make sure we clean up out plates but this is something so simple you can and should do it. It’s pretty simple. Plan your meals. Don’t buy stuff that you probably won’t use. Just because it’s not pretty doesn’t mean that it’s spoiled.
You can check out this link for more

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Jul 142015

Come that’s one food that pretty much everybody loves. It’s about like ice cream. I know there will haters but oh well. Go home and bake yourself up some homemade mac & cheese. Not the stuff that comes in blue box with yellowish powder. No. Don’t do that to yourself.
The simplest recipe is boil some mac until it’s al dente. Make some cheese sauce. Pour on the sauce. Sprinkle on some more cheese. Then some bread crumbs. Bake at 350 until it is done.
I know I over simplified that but it’s really that simple. Cook outside the box. Unless that box is a smoker.

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Jun 242015

That’s right. I tried it.
OK, if you don’t know what Soylent is, it’s a food drink. That’s about as basic as I can explain it. It’s a powder that you mix with water. Within is all the dietary necessities for an average adult. So technically, you could live on the stuff.
So what’ it like? It’s about like drinking batter. There’s a floury, nutty, yeasty taste to it with a bit of grit in the drink. Of course, one of the serving suggestions it to flavor it up with fruit, peanut butter or something. We had chocolate syrup handy. And it was palatable.
This is science food. I mean that in neutral way. It’s just what you need and that’s it. But it really illustrates how much about food isn’t the nutrition but the taste, smell, and texture. It’s about the enjoyment of tearing into your favorite food and savoring it.
Now there’s no harm trying Soylent. I suggest you do. Heck, try all sorts of new things. That’s another fun thing about food. And if you enjoy Soylent then good for you. For me, personally. First, it’s a little pricey for my pocketbook right now. And I really enjoy the taste of my favorite foods. I can easily seeing it as a quick supplement or a breakfast or lunch replacement. But as a steady diet. Not for me.

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Apr 062015

If you’ve been around this blog enough, you know that I’m a big Alton Brown and Nadia G fan. I like mixing humor with everything including my food. Well, the food scene has gotten pretty big and popular and there’s plenty of crazy stuff that happens. Finally, Cooking Channel is making fun of all the tropes and crap with Fodder. It’s a sketch comedy show about food, foodies, and the crazy pop culture that has become food. You don’t believe me? Well, just watch this little bit. Really, at least watch for the Mr. T pitch. Trust me.

I really hope this kicks off a runs for a while. Food should be fun. Remember, it’s OK to play with your food.

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