Jan 172014

In a couple of hours, I’ll be heading out to Chupacabracon for a weekend gaming and fun.
Yes, I’ll probably spend most of my time volunteering and attending panels rather than gaming but I’ve got my slate clean for a Savage Saturday night and am ready for possibly an Old School pick up game. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a con and this one really has me excited. Austin needs a good gaming con.
Hope to meet a lot of cool folks, learn some stuff and have a great time. So maybe I’ll finally get to meet some of you Internet people there. Let’s have some fun folks.

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Jul 082013

One of the things that’s really been bounding around my head is managing what little time I feel like I have. Crap. Between day job, writing, gaming, game design, squeezing out a little fun time and making time for all those mundane have-to-do tasks, it seems like there isn’t really time to do any of it. Heaven forbid that something should go wrong and the shit hits the fan. It’s frustrating and I know damned well that things are going to be getting even more hectic and frantic. Throw in the fact that I’m a glutton for punishment, I’m even throwing more things to do in the mix. I’ve read lots of little helpful how-to’s and that sort of thing but none of that has ever worked for little old me. I know I’ve got to get things going so here’s my nifty little schedule.
The two things to schedule first are Must-Do’s and fun. Let’s face it. There’s stuff that you just have to do. Most of us have day jobs. Then you have to eat, sleep, pay bills, laundry, yard work, house cleaning, and appointments. Don’t fight it. Just schedule it and get it over with. And yes, I schedule may fun time too. Because if I didn’t I wouldn’t take a break until I fell face first on the floor or worse just staring at a computer screen wondering what the hell should I write. Better to have fun and unwind than sit there and beat yourself up for not “getting it done”. That also means making realistic goals. Emphasis on the REALISTIC!
Between all that comes the creative work. Writing, brainstorming, proofreading and so on. Of course, the key to schedule this one is when I’m at most creative. Oddly enough that’s usually Wednesday evenings. I’m not a morning or Monday person. So that day goes to Mundane To-Do/housekeeping stuff. But then’s there’s always those “Oh, shit” moments. Unplanned and unscheduled stuff that just well happens. Biggest failure is just not dealing with it and then beating myself for getting “behind”. Time spent beating yourself up is wasted. Learn. Correct. And move on.
Don’t forget those precious moments. That time when you just exhale and tons of stuff tumbles into your brain. WRITE it down.
Now on to the juicy bits of why even bothered to do this post. Dammit, I gotta to get more stuff done. Get that writing and game design projects out the door. Get that Swords & Wizardry game off the ground and have some laid back fun. And have some time to do some of the simple things in life like a normal person.
Heck, maybe I’ll even take the time proofread my blogs posts. Yeah, I know this was one of my crazy stream of conscience type posts. Hey, I do that now and then. Gimme a break. So don’t tell me to get a life. This is my life.

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Apr 292013

Yeah, I know. I usually post earlier in the day but yesterday was more work on the fence and by the time I was done, I could hardly type. So I’m a little late getting things going this week.
Like I said, I’ve really been thinking about running a game on Google+. First, don’t get too excited. I got a couple projects to get done first before some free time opens up. I’m really thinking about some sort Swords & Wizardry or Tunnels & Trolls. I just haven’t decided yet. I’d love to mess around with T&T and I think the basic mechanics would be good for Google+ play but right now I’m waiting on the Deluxe Edition to hit the presses. Which should be in a couple more months.
But Swords & Wizardry has mechanics that much more familiar to many players. So it’s a debate. Maybe do some T&T one shots or something.
Like I said at the beginning of this post, thinking about it and juggling a few projects. So my thoughts are muddled and the brain is a little fuzzy. So just stay tuned and let me wake up before say too much.

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Kingmaker: Meet Hanarg Venom Tusk

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Jan 212011

We’re starting Paizo’s Kingmaker adventure path tonight. The GM is going to use Aspects from FATE in the game and I haven’t finished those yet. But then again neither have any of the other players. We should have a pretty interesting group for this game. And keep the blogosphere fairly up to date as things progress.

Hanarg Venom Tusk Half Orc Oracale (Nature) 1/Sorcerer (Serpentine) 0 Alignment: N

Str 14 (+2)
Dex 12 (+1)
Con 15 (+2)
Int 10
Wis 10
Cha 18 (+4)
HP: 11
AC 18 (+3 Std Leather, +1 Natural Armor, +4 Cha)
Saves: Fot +2, Reflex +1, Will +2
Lng: Common, Orc
Racial Abilities: Orc Ferocity, Darkvision 60 FT
Feats: Iron Hide (+1 Nat Armor)
Skills: Intimidate +6, Knowledge (Nature) +4, Spellcraft +4, Survival +4
Class Abilities: Curse: Haunted, Revalation: Echoes of Nature (use Cha for AC)
Traits: Brigand (Campaign), Brute
Spells: 0 Level: Mage Hand, Ghost Sound, Read Magic, Detect Magic, Resistance, Guidance. 1st Level (4/day) Cure Light Wounds, Divine Favor, Shield of Faith

Gear: Studded Leather Armor, Cold Iron Great Axe, Dagger, Light Crossbow, 20 Bolts, Backpack, Bedroll, 4 days Travel Rations, 50 ft Silk Rope, Tanglefoot Bag, Alchemist’s Fire

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Jan 202011

Well if you’ve been paying the least bit of attention to the RPG scene, you’ve probably heard that Ryan Dancey has made another gloomy prediction for the RPG industry. Basically, the chances for D&D remaining a table top game are pretty much dead in the water. Despite the chant of “So goes WOTC so goes the hobby” I really don’t think that WOTC is all that important any more. Yes, WOTC is the 800 pound gorilla but Paizo is like a 600 pound gorilla. Pathfinder has pretty much tied or surpassed 4th Edition D&D depending on what stats you happen to believe. I find it really amazing that a company the size of Hasbro could have missed so badly so many times on marketing the world’s most popular role playing game. Remember the brouhaha with GSL and the Edition Wars? The mixed reception of D&D Insider and the virtual tools? And even more recently the whole “Is Essentials 4.5?” debate. What all this says to this little guy is that the people holding the purse strings just didn’t understand their market. I don’t blame the talented crew of designers. I blame the suits and the bean counters at Hasbro who marketed D&D like it was Clue or Risk.
But if WOTC fell flat on its face would it really be that bad? Sure they would probably sit on the license and milk it for all it is worth through electronic games, board games, films and whatever other merchandise they could sell. What would it mean for the RPG hobby? I think there would be some dark and difficult days. But in the end the hobby would endure by going back to its roots. The exact thing that grew the hobby in the first place. Small groups of friends huddled over a table having fun. Remember this hobby actually started pre-Internet. Yes, youngsters there was a time when there was no email, no facebook, no twitter nada. I think the hobby has a much better chance of surviving and thriving now than if TSR had totally crashed and burned and Wizards had not stepped in and taken over.
But this is my blog and its OK for me to dream. What in my crazy dreams would be the prefect outcome for everybody? WOTC/Hasbro wants to make money. I have no problem with that. Let them. They can have the D&D license and make as many board games, video games, comic books, movies and whatever that they want. Let another publisher take of the RPG license. I wouldn’t want it to be Paizo. Yes, I do like Pathfinder but I don’t consider myself a Paizo cultist. Paizo has a solid game and market with Pathfinder. If they got the D&D license too, it would just muddle the waters. At the very best in my dream world, they’d merge the two and take the best things from Pathfinder/3.5 and the best ideas from 4th Edition and merge them. And resurrect the OGL. But that’s just crazy talk isn’t it?
There’s one other path that WOTC still might take. Look at the time between the release of various editions. I’ll dare to say it. It’s about time for the announcement of 5th Edition and a chance to undo many of the crazy things they did with the launch of 4th Edition. Mark my words. Late this year or next year, there will be at the very least a major announcement from WOTC that will change the game in a major way again.

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