Oct 212015

IF you’ve kept up with the old blog over the last couple months, I’ve been on the search for a Man Bag. Well, think I finally grabbed one up.
STM Scout 2
This is a STM Scout 2 that I picked up on Amazon for less than $10. One of the reasons that it’s so cheap it that it’s a discontinued model but at that price, I just couldn’t pass it up. It’s intended for 10 inch tablets but the tablet compartment fits a composition book perfectly. You see I don’t have a tablet, yet. Right now I cant justify the expense. About the only thing that I’d use it for gaming PDF’s. Every other function, I can do with my phone. So why spend the money on tablet?
Now if you do have a tablet, the bag is really nice. The compartment for tablet is really well padded like half an inch of heavy duty padding. The bag is pretty thin so if I do rip out that padding, I’ll add a bunch more space. According the manufacturer’s dimensions the bag is 2 inches thick. I measured the padding and there’s a total of about an inch. Part of me is debating whether just to rip that out. But part of me is saying, “You’ll void the warranty and what if you do get a tablet?”
So that’s just something that’ll probably bounce around inside my head for a couple of weeks. Still there’s plenty of room to carry around the essentials. Notebook, pens, emergency dice, harmonica, business cards, cables, ear buds, phone, and few other little odds and ends.

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Oct 062015

I saw this article on Lifehacker a couple of weeks ago and thought to myself, “Hey, an Maker Kit for you’re just wandering around. That’s a cool idea.” Then I thought about all the crazy and cool stuff folks have done with Altoids tins. Heck, radios, survival kits, first aid kits, sewing kits, and that list just keeps going. Then I thought why not do an Altoids tin Maker kit.
Altoids Maker Kit
Here’s what I’ve thrown in there so far:
Duct Tape
Velcro cable tie
Zip ties
Pins & needles
Paper clips
Binder clips
Dry wall screws
Wooden toothpicks
A tube made from a disposable e-cig package
A small piece of felt
A couple of pieces of heavy-gauge insulated copper wire
Alligator clip
A couple of Ranger bands (Cause I’m guessing some one will ask.)
And I still have room for a couple of other little odds and ends. This isn’t supposed to be a tool kit or hardware store. It’s stuff you can do stuff with.

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Aug 102015

One of the side things that I’ve been mess around with is trying to find a bag to carry around all my junk (namely smartphone with accessories and a few other little bits). I sat down and surfed the crap out of Amazon. Made my decision and ordered away. I knew I was ordering from China. So yeah. No “I told you so”. I got the bag and it didn’t look anything like the picture. It was much bigger and way more tactical looking.
Not exactly what I wanted. With a quick email exchange, it turns out the model was redesigned but the Amazon listing wasn’t updated. I could ship it back for refund. Well, with what I paid for and the cost of shipping it just isn’t worth it. Still it’s something smaller than my messenger bag so it’s good for that run to the library or park to do some writing.
The quest for manly man bag continues.

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Jul 282015

Well, that quest for a man bag continues but it’s been pretty interesting. The thing is I’ve been sharing different bags for opinions and scouring the depths of the internet.
It’s pretty freaking silly. First thing. Despite being in a modern age of civility and having smart phones, cables, ear bud, charges, tablets and so on and so forth. There’s still this pretty silly notion about a guy carrying something other than a briefcase, messenger bag or backpack. The whole notion of guys don’t do that (as far as I can tell) is some sort 20th Century thing before that it was kind of a necessity. But there’s plenty of folks that realize that the notion is silly. Be it just for the convenience of carrying around your stuff. Cause you have to have your stuff.
Of course, there was also the debate on what looks “masculine” without looking really silly or I’m getting ready to deploy to a foreign country. This was actually sort of funny and a little enlightening. You see. Two straight folks (a male and a female) couldn’t agree what “looked” masculine and what didn’t. Yeah, funny and just a bit cool if you think about it. Go ahead. Think about it.
Any way. More shopping and more looking. You know the drill.

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Jul 202015

If you’ve been paying attention I just went through the trauma of getting a new cell phone. But my First World Problems aren’t over yet. The new phone is about an inch longer than the old one. That means the old handy case that the old one was in won’t work for the new one.
I have to face it. I really don’t like sticking the phone in my pocket or just carrying it around the store while I’m trying to shop. For my normal work days, I lug around my messenger bag but that’s just too big to carry around a store. I have to face it. I reached a point that I need a man bag or satchel or gear bag or whatever you want to call it. Something small enough to carry around the store or on the run. Just go ahead and throw in there pen, notebook and few of the odds and ends that usually end up in my pockets. (Yeah, I know somebody is gonna say purse. Whatev’s.)
And speaking of carrying things around, I finally picked up one those handy organizers from 3V Gear. You can grab it at Amazon but it’s cheaper to by direct.
It’s got the usual guy stuff. Leatherman Rev, SRM-710, pen, index cards (folded in half), duct tape, eye glass screwdriver, and flashlight. Normal guy stuff.
Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have to shop for purses on Amazon.

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Aug 032014

Yes, I like little pocket gadgets and you don’t have to bust the bank buying them. This little knife does the job for (right now) under $13. Not bad. Holds a decent edge. Great warranty. And it’s just the right size. Not too big and not too small. (Of course, you should know your local knife laws. Some places are touchy about things like that.) It’s good enough for every day use. Most people don’t end up stranded on a desert island or lost in the woods on a regular basis. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some junk cluttering up your pockets or bags.
Here’s this little bad boy over at Amazon.

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