Jun 052014

You know I do more than just cooking, gaming, and writing. Thanks to all the stuff that’s been going on I really haven’t had a chance to sit back and mess with another of my little hobbies. And that is Blues Harmonica.
Right now, I’m in that sort of in that bad place. I was never really any good but was learning then things got crazy. So I’m at pretty much a start over place. And the best way to do that is a little rant here on the blog.
The most important thing about learning the harmonica (and yes they are called harps) is starting with a good one. You see the pic up there of my two favorites. It’s easy to find some really cheap thing at store or even online. If you’re starting out it will be discouraging. A lot of your “mistakes” and just bad sounds will come from a bad harmonica. But you don’t have to break the bank.
The cheapest I’d even suggest is a Hohner Blues Band Harmonica model # 12001. I have one in my gaming bag. It’s my el cheapo that gets banged around and if I lose it. No biggie. The sound is OK. It’s not as good as the others. But you do get what you pay for. So if you just want something to play with and have no idea if you want to invest the time and money. At least get one of these. The El Cheapo ones aren’t worth your time and money. But I do suggest carrying one around. Why? There will always be one person who wants to look at it and by look at it I mean blow on it. They don’t know where my mouth has been and I certainly don’t know where their mouth has been. I mean crap. I wouldn’t use a stranger’s toothbrush.
My favorite is my Hohner Special 20. It’s damned good harp at a reasonable price. Heck you get a great start set Hohner Blues Band Harmonica model # 12001 for a great price. This harmonica is a go-to model for amateurs like me and even some professionals. Great sound. Decent heft. This is the one that I really recommend for anybody who wants to give it shot.
The other is my Lee Oskar Harmonica, Key of C, Major Diatonic. I got this one on a whim and I had read good things about it. I like almost as much as Hohner but well there’s just something. Maybe it’s because the Hohner was my first and your first is always special. But hey, it’s a damn fine harmonica and well worth the price.
So here’s ends my little rant. Time for me to kick back and just do some Blues. It does make you feel better after a bad day. And a good book to learn from don’t forget that.

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Jan 152013

As part of my endeavors for 2013, I’m expanding the good old blog to rant about other stuff I find interesting. So one of the interesting things that I decided to undertake is learning the harmonica. Don’t laugh. At least, I’m freaking trying something new. But any way here’s my little buddies. They’re both in C and when money and my skills get better I’ll probably grab up a couple more keys.
Yep, I went with the standbys. A Hohner Special 20 and a Lee Oskar Major Diatonic. It like both but just haven’t decided on a favorite yet but time will tell.

And this is also a little test to see if I tweaked the RPG BA RSS feed correctly. 😉

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