Apr 272016

The fifties and sixties were time of social and moral upheaval in America. The straight laced types were busy wringing their hands about the morality of the country and the fate of the children. From 1959 to 1962, the Society for Indecency to Naked Animals was out to protect American morals too. The president of the organization, G. Clifford Prout, was busy making public appearances and gather support for the idea that the root cause of America’s moral degradation was naked animals. The solution. Clothe the animals. As silly as this sounds, the idea actually gained public support.
There were faithful and sincere supporters of this movement. Heck, they even had a catchy slogan, “Decency today means morality tomorrow”. It actually gained enough support and notoriety that G. Clifford Prout was going to be interviewed by Walter Cronkite. If you don’t know who Walter Cronkite is then get off my lawn! That’s where things finally got interesting. One of Cronkite’s staffers recognized Mr. Prout as none of than Buck Henry. Really. If you don’t know who Buck Henry is then get off my god damned lawn! The whole thing was a hoax. A prank. A joke.
Some people were outraged. They were sincere believers and the whole thing couldn’t be joke. They were doing it for the good of the community and protecting the less informed from moral turpitude.
This makes me think about the whole Internet Social Justice Warrior thing with its safe spaces, trigger words, and over use of the word “problematic”. I’m just wondering if out there somewhere is a SJW patient zero-practical joker who is just laughing their ass off at the silliness that has ensued. Even if such an individual existed would a confession be even believed. While I have no hard evidence, it’s probably pretty safe to assume that there are those on the Internet who just throw gasoline on the fire of each and every bit drama and sit back and laugh.
I wonder in 40 or 50 years will people look back on this stuff and shake their heads in disbelief. I hope so.

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Apr 132016

So that’s what I’m going to be doing with the old blog. Just not as often as I have in the past. I figure there should be at least one thing about the life and the world that catches my attention that I can rant about each week. Not serious rants mind, those crazy and hopefully funny rants that come to my mind.
Since this is the Internet, I figured I’d start with conflict. Remember, when the Internet was billed as the great thing that will bring people together in an exchange of ideas? Yeah, well. It still does do that occasionally. But what we hear about most of the time is the silly flame wars and hashtag activism.
One of the philosophies I’ve adopted in life is “Never fight a battle you don’t have to win”. On the web, that means don’t engage in debates that are pointless. There’s plenty of people out there who aren’t interested in discussion. They aren’t interested in facts or logic. Portions of your argument will be taken out of context and used against by an virtual lynch mob. So no. It’s just not worth it.
Wow. That is kind of downer. Not exactly the fun filled post that I thought it would be. But this is how keep from smashing my head into my keyboard and let’s me enjoy the other and more important things in life.

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Feb 212016

Well that headline pretty much says it all. This really doesn’t matter what side of the political divide you land on and I think we can pretty much agree that there a ton of things in the country that just plain screwed up. The problem is that we can’t agree on how to fix them but it seems that average American is agreeing about who’s at fault. This is really making the cycle of the Presidential campaigns not only interesting but crazy and down right frightening. Deep down, I want to play Frankenstein. I want to hack apart most of the candidates then stitch the pieces back together and make something that may make more sense. Or I could just end up making another monster.
It’s going to be an interesting year but I have the feeling it’ll be in that old Chinese proverb way.

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Nov 182015

The last few seasons of South Park has been pretty blah. They just weren’t anywhere near the earlier seasons. But this season, they’ve really hit the mark with the overly sensitive Strawberry Generation, the hipster hypocrites, and gentrification. They’re topical, mocking, and pretty spot on. It’s good to see the boys are back. And here’s a little ditty to get you going.

Yeah, so if you thought the last few seasons sucked. Then take the time to check out the new season.

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Oct 122015

If you’ve never played Paranoia, I highly suggest it. It is and always will be a blast to play. But, of course, I got thinking about how amazingly accurate the satire of the game has become. Let me give a brief overview. The characters all live in Alpha Complex. The Computer is their friend. The Computer protects them from Commies and Traitors. The Computer takes care of them.
Let me take this down to its simplest form. Think of the Computer of Paranoia as a conglomeration of Big Government/Mass Media/The Internet. The Computer tells you what you think, wear, ear, and feel. The Computer is always on the look out for various boogie men. Mutants are traitors and traitors are bad. In the game, all the characters are mutants. Looking at the real world aren’t all of us some kind of mutant in our way. Secret Societies are traitorous. All player characters are members of Secret Societies. Don’t each and every one of us have some sort of opinion or belief that if voiced could lead to an Internet lynching or even actually have other people want to kill us.
Welcome to Alpha Complex, Citizen.

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Sep 142015

There’s been all sorts of rantings about religious freedom in the news. Oh, come on. You know what I’m talking about. So I’ve determined that part of my religious beliefs are that you all owe me $20. It doesn’t matter if you’re not part of my religion. If you don’t pay up then you’re oppressing me and persecuting me for my beliefs.
Good day.

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