Apr 272016

The fifties and sixties were time of social and moral upheaval in America. The straight laced types were busy wringing their hands about the morality of the country and the fate of the children. From 1959 to 1962, the Society for Indecency to Naked Animals was out to protect American morals too. The president of the organization, G. Clifford Prout, was busy making public appearances and gather support for the idea that the root cause of America’s moral degradation was naked animals. The solution. Clothe the animals. As silly as this sounds, the idea actually gained public support.
There were faithful and sincere supporters of this movement. Heck, they even had a catchy slogan, “Decency today means morality tomorrow”. It actually gained enough support and notoriety that G. Clifford Prout was going to be interviewed by Walter Cronkite. If you don’t know who Walter Cronkite is then get off my lawn! That’s where things finally got interesting. One of Cronkite’s staffers recognized Mr. Prout as none of than Buck Henry. Really. If you don’t know who Buck Henry is then get off my god damned lawn! The whole thing was a hoax. A prank. A joke.
Some people were outraged. They were sincere believers and the whole thing couldn’t be joke. They were doing it for the good of the community and protecting the less informed from moral turpitude.
This makes me think about the whole Internet Social Justice Warrior thing with its safe spaces, trigger words, and over use of the word “problematic”. I’m just wondering if out there somewhere is a SJW patient zero-practical joker who is just laughing their ass off at the silliness that has ensued. Even if such an individual existed would a confession be even believed. While I have no hard evidence, it’s probably pretty safe to assume that there are those on the Internet who just throw gasoline on the fire of each and every bit drama and sit back and laugh.
I wonder in 40 or 50 years will people look back on this stuff and shake their heads in disbelief. I hope so.

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Apr 052016

History Channel used to have history. Then it went all Nazis, occult, serial killers, and aliens. But heck now they’ve gotten into the comedy biz. And it ain’t half bad.
Basically Night Class is two very short shows crammed into one. Now the best one is Crossroads of History. It ain’t politically correct (but then history never is) and it ain’t safe for work but it’s safe for late night basic cable. What a wonderful world we live in. But instead of me ranting about it. Just watch it.

There’s also the second one. Great Minds. This sort of reminds of those crazy vignettes on MST3K. But hey that’s online too.

Both are pretty damned funny and you may learn a thing or two which isn’t bad. Of course, someone won’t like it but hey that’s the way it goes.
Check your local listings or watch them over here.
So this is the kind of stuff you’ll see here. Just crazy stuff, I find interesting and whatever the heck I feel like. So that means the posting probably won’t be as regular as before. Remember the gaming stuff is over here.

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Jan 052016

I think enough time has gone that I don’t need to scream out “SPOILERS”. But I’ll still try to keep the rant as spoiler free as possible.
So, the really big question for the next Star Wars movie is “Who’s the daddy and mommy?” That’s the big question about Rey. Is it Han and Leia? Or Luke and some mystery woman? Or maybe something even really out there and corny? She’s a new clone with Force powers. Vader’s here daddy.
The other big question is who are Finn’s parents? There’s rumors that there’s ties to other characters. And conflicting stupid rumors that Lando Calrissian is his father. Uh. Ok. Whatever. That would such a cheap bit of storytelling.
Any way, that’s my rant for today. Yeah, I’m a little sleepy and the old brain ain’t firing on all cylinders.

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Dec 172015

There’s going to be very little other than Star Wars talk for the next few days. Here’s ten things that you won’t hear from the fans.
1. The line is so short.
2. I miss Jar Jar Binks.
3. Where’s the Enterprise?
4. Midi-Clorians make total sense now.
5. There wasn’t enough CGI.
6. C3PO shot first.
7. Tell me more spoilers.
8. The theater was empty.
9. It was so cool that Disney set up that Guardians of the Galaxy crossover.
10. I’ll just wait for it come out on VHS.

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Sep 282015

It’s not often that I run across a satirical web series that both makes me laugh and shake my head. So really don’t have to watch these in order but it does help a little. That being said, here’s Episode 5. This is the one that helped me explain that whole meta-data BAD thing to somebody.

And yes I know. There’s probably somebody out there that’s going to give me a bit of shit about this one. Well, what the heck. Time to start rocking the boat a little and see what happens.

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Sep 142015

There’s been all sorts of rantings about religious freedom in the news. Oh, come on. You know what I’m talking about. So I’ve determined that part of my religious beliefs are that you all owe me $20. It doesn’t matter if you’re not part of my religion. If you don’t pay up then you’re oppressing me and persecuting me for my beliefs.
Good day.

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