Feb 022016

Or at least it should be. I’ll put this out bluntly. Dungeons and Dragons is best when played face-to-face. Yes, I know there’s many a good virtual table top out there and I’ve used a couple. But they are no substitution for meat space.
Good old D&D is a social game. It don’t matter what edition you happen to like. At its core, it’s about people getting together. They can tell epic stories, kill monsters, or whatever. It’s people sitting around a table and talking. And I’ve playing these crazy games long enough to know that not all of the talk is about the game. You can tell jokes. Bitch about your day job. And most importantly meet new people.
These new people can become friends or even business contacts, either way it grows your network of people you know. See just like that crazy game where people chase a little ball across manicured lawns. (OK, I think golf is silly.) In case you’ve never looked at it, here’s a little list of famous folks who have rolled the dice. I’m not saying that you’ll meet up with Vin Diesel at your FLGS but you could get know some great people.
I know I’ve said, “Roll dice, kill monsters, and taker their stuff.” way too many times (and I’ll say it more in the future) but there’s more to it than that. It’s about people and networking too. So go ahead. Check out where there local gaming store is located and Roll dice, kill monsters, and taker their stuff. See I told you I’d say it again.

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Dec 152015

So watched the premier of The Expanse on SyFy last night. I normally don’t rant about shows until I’ve seen a few episodes but with the holidays and all, I figured take the time while I’ve got it.
In a nutshell, humanity has colonized the solar system and in true human fashion, it’s not a happy place. Earth and Mars are on the brink of war. The “have’s” of the inner planets are exploiting the working “have-nots'” in the asteroid belt. It’s got a cool vibe along the lines of Blade Runner, or especially Outland.
First, I haven’t read the books. I do hear that they’re pretty good. But with one episode under there belt, I think it might too soon to say on this one. Now, the writing seems spot on. The effects and production design are top notch. And the acting is good. But I got a couple of thing.
My first thought was does Thomas Jane and Gary Oldman have the same barber? I know that’s a nitpicky thing but it’s what I thought. Second, (and I’m stressing only one episode so far) there isn’t a single character I care about. I mean nada zip. I know the episode had a tall order. It had to introduce the setting, the conflicts, and the characters. So hopefully, that will change as we are introduced more to the characters.
So we shall see. It’s well worth a look at least.
Any way, check out the trailer.

Oh and in a bit of shameless self promotion. The Expanse is prefect Appendix N material for my little Stark Space project.

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Dec 072015

It’s December and I’m really behind on doing those normal things I do every year. Like this post. It’s time for reflection. Cleaning out the archives. And little deep thought. So much has gone on in my life this year and next years probably isn’t going to be any different. There’s been good stuff and bad stuff. But this about the old blogs.
First and foremost. I won’t be posting any more RPG stuff on this blog. All of it will posted over at They Might Be Gazebos. That leaves me with a big question. What to do with this blog? I could just let it linger and fade away. Or I could focus more on life stuff and rants about the huge bucket of suck that seems to happen every day. I don’t like doing angry rants. I may feel better for a while but then it boils down into some sort of flame war/blame game/Internet lynch mob. There’s plenty of other things to rant about but let’s face it with social media, why post a rant at all? So I don’t know. Got a few weeks to think. So who knows? Maybe I will come up with something. That is between all the holiday crap and basically hitting control-alt-delete on my life in general. That probably means that 2016 is going to be interesting.
Stay tuned. I’m sure I’ll post another rant here about something soon.

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Nov 272015

Things have been really busy and hence the sparse postings. But I just wanted to take the time (yes, I know a day late) for things that have been positive in my humble little life.
Like most Americans, I stuffed my face yesterday. While most gravitate to the old football games. I’m a geek at heart. I spent most of the day latched onto the MST3K Turkey Day marathon. But that wasn’t enough. So followed that up with The Gamers and Dorkness Rising. I just needed to relax and do some mental flossing.
I also thought about the RPG’s that I’m really thankful for. I mean the big ones.
Well there’s White Star. That’s the game that got me publishing RPG stuff. Then there’s Vornheim. That really got me thinking about how to creatively look at games. And then there’s the White Box. That one started it all and sent me down this path.
There’s also so many people that were in my life or still are in my life that have made positive contributions to my life. Thank you.
And lastly. The dog. Got to thank the dog.

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Nov 102015

First here we’ve got on old favorite returning. MST3K was such a huge part of my formative years that the damage is still obvious in just about every project that I stick my grubby little fingers into. So keep the world silly. Because we need more silly. We need more parody. We need to laugh more. Back the resurrection of MST3K.

Also if you even barely looked at this blog, you’d notice that I’m a big time gamer. I just love the stuff. So when I saw this little Kickstarter, I thought “Why hasn’t some one done this before?” This is something really simple and needed (IMHO) for RPG’s. Even if you don’t have vision problems, this is a good thing to throw some support behind.

So there you go a couple of cool Kickstarters. Go ahead and check them out.

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Oct 142015

Since I’ve been pounding away at the keyboard at various projects over the last couple of months, I’ve noticed that I have a routine already. And part of its not that good. I’m calling it the “Arc of Creativity”.
It starts with an idea. I realize that it’s a good and cool idea. I get excited. I crank a few thousand words without breaking a sweat.
Then I hit the first hurdle. Filling in all the gaps with what I’ve already written. It’s generally the kind of boring stuff but it still stuff that needs to be there. It’s not fun. But I just have to muscle through it.
Then I hit the first editing hurdle. This is another bout of drudgery. Plow through make the best of it. I feel like I don’t want to see this project again and I’m sick of it.
Then I the last leg. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The project is almost done. That excitement that I had when I started the project returns. It’s a joyous sprint to the end.
The project gets finished. I take a long nap. And start the process all over again.

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