Public Service Notice

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Nov 122007

It was me this time. I came up with a new disorder. And I have it. It’s simple. You sit someone at a table with even a small number of plastic building blocks. They will play with them. It doesn’t matter how old they are or how few blocks. They must be fiddled with.
This condition is Restless Lego Syndrome.

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Gaze Attacks!

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Sep 102007

This happened quite a while ago but I’m finally getting around to posting it.

DM: Damn it I forgot the monster’s gaze attack.
Player One (returning from the bathroom): What Gaze Attack?
Player Two: The Gays Attack? What Gays?
Player Three: Gays Attacks!!! Aieee!

Much fun was had. And before anyone starts waving a Rainbow flag and claiming that I’m homophobic, our DM is openly gay. So is one of our players.

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Jul 242006

I’ve been running a Mage campaign for about six months now. There have been a few memorable moments, but this week was one of the special moments.
The PC’s are tracking down three possessed crazed Archmages. The spirit mage of the group decides the best way to track crazy people is to summon an insanity spirit. This he does no problem. Nwo controlling it was another thing entirely.
The spirit takes the mage on a tour of the seedier places around town. It starts whispering to him about someone suspicious following him. Of course, someone was following him. Another player character. Here’s where things got interesting.
The player of the spirit mage assumed his character had been charmed and really started to act suspicious. The trailin character (a mind mage) saw this and assumed that the spirit mage had been possessed or worse. And a very one sided fight enues. The lack of planning continues. The spirit mage is beat up so badly, he’s hospitalized. He’s also the only one who knew any healing magic. After calling in some favors, the PC’s finally get the spirit mage awake and the story unfolds.
Player A: You thought it was good idea to summon an insanity spirit?
Player B: Yeah but it some how charmed me.
GM: Uh no it didn’t. It tried and failed its roll.
Player A: Really, oh.
Player B: Doesn’t matter let’s get you out of here.
Rest of Players: What happened?
Player A: Long story
Rest of Players: Hey, did you hear on the news some janitor went on a shooting spree through the hospital?
Players A & B: Yeah, we need to talk about that…

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