Feb 022016

Or at least it should be. I’ll put this out bluntly. Dungeons and Dragons is best when played face-to-face. Yes, I know there’s many a good virtual table top out there and I’ve used a couple. But they are no substitution for meat space.
Good old D&D is a social game. It don’t matter what edition you happen to like. At its core, it’s about people getting together. They can tell epic stories, kill monsters, or whatever. It’s people sitting around a table and talking. And I’ve playing these crazy games long enough to know that not all of the talk is about the game. You can tell jokes. Bitch about your day job. And most importantly meet new people.
These new people can become friends or even business contacts, either way it grows your network of people you know. See just like that crazy game where people chase a little ball across manicured lawns. (OK, I think golf is silly.) In case you’ve never looked at it, here’s a little list of famous folks who have rolled the dice. I’m not saying that you’ll meet up with Vin Diesel at your FLGS but you could get know some great people.
I know I’ve said, “Roll dice, kill monsters, and taker their stuff.” way too many times (and I’ll say it more in the future) but there’s more to it than that. It’s about people and networking too. So go ahead. Check out where there local gaming store is located and Roll dice, kill monsters, and taker their stuff. See I told you I’d say it again.

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Sep 282015

Let your Geek Flag fly. Read an RPG book in public. Of course, reading a physical book alone might put you outside the norm. But, hey, share your love with your hobby. Throw up those selfies. Use the hash tags. Do all that kind of stuff. But I will say this. Reading an RPG book at your FLGS doesn’t count. So get out there and read.

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Sep 172015

Yeah, it’s sort of like that. In case you don’t know, Chopped is on the Food Network. The premise is basically pretty simple. Chefs get a “mystery box” of ingredients and then have to make something good out them. Now the ingredients usually have three things that play well together but the fourth is something that’s totally off the wall.
I wake up in the morning and open up my mental mystery box. What’s in there? Well, sometimes there’s some neat ideas that work well together. Sometimes it’s exactly what I need to make the progress that I should be making on my projects. Other days, it’s a crazy hodgepodge of weirdness. Maybe I can twist this stuff to work into my current projects. Or maybe I should just write those ideas down and save them for later. Then there’s the days when the mental mystery box is empty. There’s nothing there. I have to run to the pantry and dig out the standard staples and try to make those interesting.
So yeah. My brain sort of works like that. So if you’ll excuse me time to dig into my mental mystery box and get to work.

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Aug 252015

I do a post like this every now and then. I look at the shelf and say to myself, “Damn, I really want to play that.” A lot of times there isn’t much a change to that list but other times, there’s even stuff that surprises me.
D&D 5E The truth is I have been playing 5E every week at the FLGS but it’s been for WOTC’s Adventurers’ League. In case you, don’t know that’s the organized play. It’s all fine and good. Heck, I’ve met some really great people and have had a blast. I’ll even keep going. But there’s lots of restrictions on what you can and can’t do. It’s just part of organized play. You got have rules to keep things. I see a lot of potential coolness in 5E but I really want to kick the tires and do some wild and crazy adventures. Stuff that wouldn’t be allowed in organized play. I guess I’ve grown too fond of the cool insanity coming out of the OSR.
OSR: Speaking of which there’s just way too much cool stuff sitting on the shelf and on my hard drive. It’s there and it’s screaming. “Play me!” I don’t think that this urge will every go away.
And then there’s Faraway Land.
As you can see by the graphic, it’s pretty freaking wild and fun looking. The game itself is simple but hardy enough to stand a campaign. The rules handle just about any type of character that players can come up with. It’s also nice to have a game on the list that isn’t derived from the old faithful d20 type systems. You know what I mean. It’s gonzo. It’s bloody. And it looks like it would be a ton of fun. You can pick up the stuff on Drivethrurpg or their own store. So stay tuned in the future for that.
And finally, an oldie but a goodie. Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls! Yes the Kickstarter funded a couple or years ago. And it’s a little behind schedule but the hard copies are shipping now and I’ve already gotten by PDF.
Sure it’s buckets of d6. Who doesn’t have those? But it’s another fun game. I have very fond memories of running Dungeon of the Bear back in the day. It’d be fun to go back to it. And to honest those of who like to do games via Google Hangouts. I think T&T would make a good fit for that. If you didn’t back the Kickstarter. Check your FLGS, some of them backed the Kickstarter. You can grab the PDf over at Drivethrurpg.

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Aug 032015

If you’ve been keeping up with me on social media, you know that my mundane has taken one of those turns. Today is the start of new chapter of my life.
The good news is that I can take a couple of months and chase some rainbows. Hunch over the keyboard and write my skinny white ass off. It’s time to make a whole new routine for my life and get a whole bunch of little and big things done. That means it’s going to get interesting around the blogs and around the house. Stay tuned there’s gonna be some wild and fun stuff happening plus all sorts of crazy random thoughts.
Let’s face it. Chances are I can’t really make a living off writing stuff. But I just can’t pass up the opportunity to try. That’s my first bit of wisdom for you folks out there. If the opportunity comes up to chase your rainbow or live a dream. Grab it up and don’t let go.

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Mar 052015

Grab your Mountain Dew, dice, and Cheetos! It’s time to celebrate.
Cheetos are one of those junk foods that are comfort food. Well, to me any way. I don’t really eat them all that often any more (maybe this weekend in celebration) but I have fond memories of those familiar orange finger print smears on old D&D character sheets. They’re like ramen. I don’t and shouldn’t eat it but I do. Some may say I’m too old to still enjoy things like Cheetos, Mountain Dew, Twizzlers and the list goes on. And before anybody goes there. I enjoy in moderation and no I am not obese. Shit the drinking and smoking will probably kill me sooner.

But I have matured. I want to do something a little more grown up with those bits puffed cheese-like goodness. I just my try a twist on this crazy recipe the crew at The Nerdist came up with. Hey, Sriracha for the win! Now, go out there and enjoy some junk food. You deserve it.

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