Feb 032015

I wanted way to give Extras in Savage Worlds a little boost without making them full Wild Cards.  Then this little idea popped into my head. Let’s call them Wild Extras.  I know not that original but it works. The idea is to make an opponent that’s a little more dangerous than your average Extra but not having the full Wild Card monty.

So Wild Extras get a Wild Die for Skills and Attribute checks but they take wounds as a normal extra.  That’s it simple and to the point.

And as my usual Savage Worlds disclaimer, in case someone else has already came up with this idea let me know. I did a little googling and didn’t see anything but that doesn’t mean it isn’t out there.

And yes, I know this is a really short post.  Hey, I’m busy.  New puppies don’t housebreak themselves.  Wouldn’t it be nice if they did?

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Dec 042014
Magic Pig Media

How long has it been since I wrote anything crunchy about Savage Worlds? Too damn long! If you’ve been following along on my other blog, the idea of a space opera campaign has been bouncing around inside my head and I just can’t get it out. Of course, thinking about this had to mean that I had to consider Savage Worlds. But I wanted to a little tweak to the ranged combat. I wanted things a little more cinematic and have some reason for some characters to use melee combat instead.
There’s been dozens of discussions on the Pinnacle Forums and other places about this. Lot’s of ideas have bounced around and there’s a very good chance that my google fu is weak and somebody has already proposed the same thing. So if they have let me know and I shall sing praises unto them. And no onto the crunchy bits:
Dodge: This works sort like a Soak roll. Attacker shoots and hits. Target spends a Bennie and rolls Agility. Just use the Agility roll as the new TN for the shooter. In case that Agility roll is botch, then that’s what more Bennies are for and if you don’t have any then you just made things worse for yourself.
Evasive Maneuvers: Works sort of like Wild Swing. Character declares they are taking “Evasive Maneuvers”. Ranged attackers are a -2 to hit (melee attackers take no penalty). The evading character is at -2 to attack and skill rolls. This lasts until the character’s next turn.
So there you go. Fast. Furious. Fun. And simple. As usual, I welcome suggestions. And yes, I’m really rusty at writing about Savage Worlds.

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Aug 112014

Yes, I know. I haven’t talked about Savage Worlds in way too long. But I’m bouncing around ideas for a Gonzo Space Opera type game and I can’t help but think about Savage Worlds.
But there’s one thing that I’m getting hung up on and that’s swords. I mean swords (and other melee weapons) get used all the time in the genre look at good old Flash up there. I started think what would be the best way to do this with Savage Worlds. I suppose you could just run it out of the box. But with ranged combat often times having a lower TN, it just didn’t quite hit the sweet spot for me. There have been way too many forum threads on tweaking the TN for ranged combat. And generally the consensus is that it really doesn’t work. And as usual, I want to keep Fast, Furious, Fun, and Simple.
So here’s the embryo of my little idea.
Pull the Armor Piercing (AP) from all the ranged weapons (ray guns, blasters, lasers, phasers, pulse pistols whatever). Only melee weapons would get AP. Increase the AP for non-futuristic melee weapons by 1. Leave the futuristic melee weapons as is. This way there’s a benefit for using the weapon but not one that slice through an unarmed opponent easily. It keeps the core game mechanics in place without too much tweaking. This also isn’t in any way realistic but I’m shooting for the tone of the genre.
Like I said, this the start of an idea. And crap I don’t which game system I’ll use for my little Space Opera idea. If I do end up running with Savage Worlds, one of the plans would be to do a new weapons and armor list. And no I haven’t picked up the SciFi Companion yet. Sorry, money has been really tight. But I do plan on using a bunch of stuff from Slipstream and Daring Tales of the Space Lanes.

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May 082014

Yes, this is a an old post (re-posting from like 5 years ago) but I’ve been thinking about Savage Worlds again. Yes, part of this was inspired by the Drama Deck from Shatterzone and was designed originally for SWEX but heck it should still work for Delux. Enjoy.

A player in our group suggested that it would be fun if there was some sort system for interesting things to happen when the initiative cards come up as poker hands similar to some of the mechanics in Deadlands. I gave this some thought so I came up with quick notes to keep things Fast, Furious and Fun and simple. I didn’t want to bog down each round with players checking their cards. I took some of inspiration from the Drama Deck from Shatterzone. Also, I wanted to add something to the mix that encouraged the players to break the mindset from other games and do more than “I attack!”

Matches (Pair, Three of a Kind, Four of a Kind): When the initiative cards of allied characters match, those characters (only the ones with matches) gain the benefit of the Common Bond Edge for that round.

Aces: If a character draws an Ace and successfully performs a certain action based on the suit then he gains a Benny. Spades:A successful Intimidate check, Clubs: A successful Taunt check, Hearts: A successful Smarts Trick, Diamonds: A successful Agility Trick.

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May 022014

I may be broke as heck and not playing all that much Savage Worlds at the moment but that ain’t gonna stop me from plugging what looks like a pretty cool Kickstarter for Savage Worlds.
Guild of Shadows is a dark fantasy setting focused around thieves. Heck who doesn’t like Thieves World or Lankhmar. I know this little grognard does. Heck, I’ve spawned a lot of ideas from just those two sources. This looks to be a great setting and could be easily used as source book for more larcenous characters. That’s one of the neat things about Savage Worlds. You can twist and tweak things between all the settings and source books out there.
So if you’re a Savage World fan just go check it out. Consider it. And do what you will.
Now, if you’ll excuse me. I’m getting an early start on my weekend.

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Apr 302014

Yes, I know. I’m running behind on this one but it’s been one of those weeks plus I wanted the news to sink in a bit.
What news? Hey, there’s gonna be a Deadlands series. Well, that’s the good news. Maybe the other good news is that the Syfy channel isn’t doing it. But that’s not the meat of my rant.
I really hope that Microsoft doesn’t go all stupid again (looks at history and shakes head). This little series (along with others) is going to be part of the “Xbox Originals”. OK, that’s fine. But it’s not gonna get me to buy an Xbox. That’s probably going to be true for most who don’t own Xboxes. So even if there is great content so many folks won’t be able to see it legally. And that dear readers is really bothers me. Create it. Cool. Heck, even sell it. Just don’t use it a means to sell something else. Get my drift. But unfortunately, it does sound like that’s exactly what they plan doing. Well, shit.
But speaking of sales, why go check out the big Deadlands Sale on over at Pinnacle.
Yeah, I know it’s been a while since I blogged anything about Savage Worlds. I’ll try to squeeze more in the upcoming weeks. Keep them Wild Dice rolling.

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