Apr 132016

So that’s what I’m going to be doing with the old blog. Just not as often as I have in the past. I figure there should be at least one thing about the life and the world that catches my attention that I can rant about each week. Not serious rants mind, those crazy and hopefully funny rants that come to my mind.
Since this is the Internet, I figured I’d start with conflict. Remember, when the Internet was billed as the great thing that will bring people together in an exchange of ideas? Yeah, well. It still does do that occasionally. But what we hear about most of the time is the silly flame wars and hashtag activism.
One of the philosophies I’ve adopted in life is “Never fight a battle you don’t have to win”. On the web, that means don’t engage in debates that are pointless. There’s plenty of people out there who aren’t interested in discussion. They aren’t interested in facts or logic. Portions of your argument will be taken out of context and used against by an virtual lynch mob. So no. It’s just not worth it.
Wow. That is kind of downer. Not exactly the fun filled post that I thought it would be. But this is how keep from smashing my head into my keyboard and let’s me enjoy the other and more important things in life.

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Jul 072015

Just upgrade two cell phones. That’s it. Not even changing carriers. How hard could that be?
Well, let’s see. The ordeal started last Thursday with about an hour of chat with customer support. “It’d be easier to go to a store.” Famous last words.
Friday, there’s two trips to the store and about 3 hours of waiting around trying to get it done. To be safe, I upgraded only one phone.
Saturday. New phone isn’t working. Another hour long chat with customer support online. “Oh, you haven’t paid yet.” “Yes, I did.” Go back to store. OK, so payment got caught up some how in the POS system. Get that corrected in a couple of minutes. Say heck with it. Just mess with transferring the phone online. It doesn’t work.
Customer Support. Well, that number is in the process of migrating.
To where? There’s no new phone for it to go to.
If it’s an error then it clear out of the system in 24 to 48 hours.
Fast forward to Monday. Spend an hour and half chatting with customer support. Think we’re all done and ready to go. Nope.
OK, your new phone should be working.
I don’t have a new phone. I’m trying to order one.
No you have a new phone. Here’s the serial number and SIM card number.
Great store closed 10 minutes ago.
Tuesday. Call store. Phone at counter with SIM card. Guy on staff wasn’t told what to do with it. Another hour and half on the phone with store. Mostly waiting while he chats with customer support from the store.
Finally, new phone acquired. Bennies given and take for my trouble. Now, back to the grind of gaming, ranting, and writing.

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Apr 292013

Yeah, I know. I usually post earlier in the day but yesterday was more work on the fence and by the time I was done, I could hardly type. So I’m a little late getting things going this week.
Like I said, I’ve really been thinking about running a game on Google+. First, don’t get too excited. I got a couple projects to get done first before some free time opens up. I’m really thinking about some sort Swords & Wizardry or Tunnels & Trolls. I just haven’t decided yet. I’d love to mess around with T&T and I think the basic mechanics would be good for Google+ play but right now I’m waiting on the Deluxe Edition to hit the presses. Which should be in a couple more months.
But Swords & Wizardry has mechanics that much more familiar to many players. So it’s a debate. Maybe do some T&T one shots or something.
Like I said at the beginning of this post, thinking about it and juggling a few projects. So my thoughts are muddled and the brain is a little fuzzy. So just stay tuned and let me wake up before say too much.

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Feb 112013

Remember last week’s blow up with Games Workshop and “Space Marine” and it’s resolution. Good. But here’s the problem. The Internet has a very short attention span.
Let’s face it. Games Workshop has pulled similar crap in the past and well pretty much nothing long term has happened. The same is true for the any other trademark bully. There’s a quick blow up on the Internet. Things change a bit in one situation then it everything goes quiet until the next incident.
So this I say to you citizens of the Internet. Do not forget the tale of the space marine. M.C.A. Hogarth has Spots the Space Marine back up on Amazon. That is a victory. But how long before something like this happens again?
Creators have every right to protect their IP. But attempting to trademark common terms and then going after much smaller content producers is just wrong. As a consumer there’s not much you can do other than vote with your wallet and raise your tiny fist in anger. So remember the space marine.

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