Oct 222010

I blogged a long time ago on how writing is like cooking. Well, another little incident has brought forth another similarity. Some folks expect you to work for free.
A lady connected Chef S.O. the other day and wanted her to do a catering gig. But here’s the catch, the lady only wanted to pay for the food and not the labor. The woman just couldn’t grasp the concept that the labor wasn’t a freebie. Being a budding (I hate saying aspiring) writer, I see things like this all the time and some of the pro’s out there have probably seen them as well.
Some parasite says they have a great idea for a story/novel/screen play but he’s looking for writer. He doesn’t have the money to pay you now but you can share the profits with him later. Sorry, dude. I just didn’t fall off the turnip truck. If it’s a great idea then you fricking write it. Or how about the small press that came out of nowhere and nobody has heard of. They’ll publish your stuff for “the exposure”. If I’m going to expose myself, I’ll do it right here. (OK, maybe that didn’t come out like I wanted but you know what I mean).
If I was car mechanic would you expect me to fix your car for free? No. If I was a landscaper would you expect me to mow your lawn for free? No, again. Then why in the world do some people expect writers and chefs to work for free.
I’m not pounding my head against the keyboard thinking that J.K, Rowling and Stephenie Meyer are going to show up my door step and ask for a loan. I’m doing because it’s something that I just got to do. It’s a writer thing. I’m not even saying that I will ever get paid for any of the things I write or some of them will see the light of day. Writing just like cooking is work. Some people just don’t get it.

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