Jul 092010

As you are reading this we should be beginning the last session of our Council of Thieves campaign thanks to the miracle of technology and scheduling posts to the future.
This has been a fun ride. A member of our group who hadn’t DM’d for us before ran the entire Adventure Path. He did a good job and we had a blast especially the Sevenfold Trial. I was a bit disappointed when my Tiefling Ranger bit the big one but he went down swinging. Two bearded devils and an erinyes took a severe disliking to him and it didn’t end well. But my next character has been a blast and a concept that I’ve had in the back of my mind for months. A crazy little halfling sorcerer. There were very few incidents of friendly fire and how was I supposed to know that was the treasure that I accidentally burned down. But it’s sad to say good bye to these characters. It’s been fun but this saga has come to an end.
Next week, we’ll be starting a homebrewed kitbash of Spelljammer using the Pathfinder rules with some Eberron and other 3.5 stuff thrown in. The DM for this one is another member of our group who has run several campaigns for us in the past. This one should be fun too. From our brief conversations over the weeks, I roughly remember a few members of the party: A Kender Bard, A Warforged Crusader, A Beholder and A Changeling Fighter/Rogue. We’re a merry band of scalywags posing as a traveling carnival. This should prove to be interesting.
Just watch the Twitter Feed for some random highlights from tonight’s finale.

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