Apr 052016

History Channel used to have history. Then it went all Nazis, occult, serial killers, and aliens. But heck now they’ve gotten into the comedy biz. And it ain’t half bad.
Basically Night Class is two very short shows crammed into one. Now the best one is Crossroads of History. It ain’t politically correct (but then history never is) and it ain’t safe for work but it’s safe for late night basic cable. What a wonderful world we live in. But instead of me ranting about it. Just watch it.

There’s also the second one. Great Minds. This sort of reminds of those crazy vignettes on MST3K. But hey that’s online too.

Both are pretty damned funny and you may learn a thing or two which isn’t bad. Of course, someone won’t like it but hey that’s the way it goes.
Check your local listings or watch them over here.
So this is the kind of stuff you’ll see here. Just crazy stuff, I find interesting and whatever the heck I feel like. So that means the posting probably won’t be as regular as before. Remember the gaming stuff is over here.

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