Aug 032015

If you’ve been keeping up with me on social media, you know that my mundane has taken one of those turns. Today is the start of new chapter of my life.
The good news is that I can take a couple of months and chase some rainbows. Hunch over the keyboard and write my skinny white ass off. It’s time to make a whole new routine for my life and get a whole bunch of little and big things done. That means it’s going to get interesting around the blogs and around the house. Stay tuned there’s gonna be some wild and fun stuff happening plus all sorts of crazy random thoughts.
Let’s face it. Chances are I can’t really make a living off writing stuff. But I just can’t pass up the opportunity to try. That’s my first bit of wisdom for you folks out there. If the opportunity comes up to chase your rainbow or live a dream. Grab it up and don’t let go.

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