Jun 152010

I know lots of folks out there are sometimes geographically challenged when come to getting a gaming group together. There are lots of good free gaming specific solutions out there but last night while writing and listening to Pandora, I heard an ad about this little site.
Now, it’s not game specific and I haven’t tried it myself personally but I can immediately see the potential for remote gaming. Dimdim is a free web conferencing system. Just load it up in your browser. That’s it. You can IM. You can record the session. There’s a virtual whiteboard. Video and audio chat too. And since this is supposed to businesses you can use presentations as well. They even get an extra plus for being open source.
Like I said I haven’t tried myself. I’m lucky to have a good local gaming group. But for those you of you out there who looking for another solution, this just might help you. Good luck and if any of you out there have any success or horror stories from using this just speak up.

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  3 Responses to “Dimdim for remote gaming”

  1. My group gave it a shot and found it to be a little clunky. But the concept is great and may be worth another shot. We switched to combination of iChat and Skype instead (we decided we need the whiteboarding capability).

  2. Hey, thanks. for the feed back.

  3. Hey,

    This is the first instance that I have seen that Dimdim will be used for remote gaming and its just amazing to see how Dimdim is used. Being a gamer myself, I am very excited to see how it goes for you. Do keep me posted on this.

    Trideep | Dimdim
    e: trideep@dimdim.com

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