Oct 082012

We had another session of Dresden last Friday and things were a bit slow. It’s one of the problems when you end up with a session centered around investigation. Last session was also full of investigation and social combat but this time the players just got hung up and I didn’t do as good as job as I should when it came to dropping clues.
This session centered around finding out who was behind the false news story about the nun and the werewolf football star having an affair. It was a slow go. The nun was basically under house arrest waiting for the Mother Superior of her order to show up and basically perform an inquest into the situation. The group did learn in their initial investigation that Sister Maria had other problems with the Church. Namely, discipline and “anger issues”. They also realized that she had some secret that she wasn’t telling the party.
They ended up spinning their wheels until they finally realized that the White Court controlled the local media. It was off to see the White Court matron, Lydia Van Der Hausen. Lydia admits that she’s behind keeping the story going in the media and that she’s doing for someone else but won’t give up who that is unless the party agrees to do something for her. She asks for the head of the Black Court leader. The party declines.
The party also tracks down through investigation and thaumaturgy where some compromising pictures were taken. The workers at the restaurant and the night club admit seeing both Alex the Werewolf and the nun at the locations. Some more brainstorming and thinking and the group deduces that the Summer Court was probably behind that deception.
The party thinks some more. They just can’t figure out who would want to disgrace the nun so much. Then they finally pursue the idea that just maybe the Nun wasn’t the target but Alex. Once again, more thinking and discussing. It couldn’t be the Russian Mobster who wanted Alex to join her crew. Or could it? They finally talk to her and such enough. She was behind it. It was all lesson and a little smack down on the werewolf to teach him that maybe he does need to the help/protection of the Russians. Alex is not pleased.
And that secret that Sister Maria had? Yeah that finally came out in the end when the group called in some help from the local police detective, Lt. Rachel Neuberger. They missed a few little hints and clues but when they thanked the cop for her and she said, “I didn’t do it for you.” The light bulbs came on.
So this was not the best of sessions. Lots frustration on the part of the players and that’s my fault. I admit it. I screwed up. But I’m going to make up it on the next session.

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