Nov 202012

I’m a day late posting this but this week is both laid back and busy. The usual holiday preparation plus working on the side projects keep me really busy. So we’re going to be a little laid back this week on blog posts. Don’t worry. I’ll be back to the usual schedule next week.
We were short a player for the Dresden game but forged ahead anyway. This session was really about doing a little more investigation and tying up some loose ends.
Artie learns that his master has the planning skills of a super villain. The party learns that Dean Jourmand was behind the whole compass fiasco. He hired the toximancer to steal it. Then put into motion the plan to frame the Black Court for doing it. Just to be safe, he framed the Russians for framing the Black Court. And as a triple fail safe, the booby trapped tower in the Nevernever was meant to frame Wally for the whole thing.
The part meets a couple more Wardens. One who helped the Dean with his crazy plan by kidnapping Wally from the White Council’s headquarters in Edinburgh and another more helpful Warden who Artie. Warden Morris managed to get the clues that helped the party put together this crazy plan. Warden Garth on the other hand is not so helpful. Artie challenged him to a test of wills and won. Now, there’s a warden that doesn’t like him.
Artie managed to work his way up as errand boy for the Dean. So far he’s been transporting mysterious (and dangerously magical packages). As for the Dude, he’s seeing a therapist to get over that Mental Consequence that he got from some friendly spell fire a few sessions ago.
Even though it was a couple hours of game play, that’s the gist of the session. The current plan is two more sessions before the big holiday break.
Stay tuned. Things are going to get interesting very soon.

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