Jan 282013

We’re back on track and the characters are looking for an apartment before the new school year begins. How much trouble could that be? Oh, yeah.
We started the session with a little bit of admin and character catch up. One player is bringing in a new character since his original is now possessed by a Dinarian. The new character, Jack Scott, is happy musician with some pretty impressive Faith powers.
The group gets back together after having their own “relaxing” summer vacations. The Dude went back to California for a little surfing. Artie threw himself into his work. Not only dedicating much more of this time to his arcane studies but also attempting to find out as much as he can about Denarians. The group follows a couple ads for some places individually but nothing “right” comes up. Finally, Sussarana (who is know out of the hospital but sporting a pirate like eye patch thanks to an acidic toxic demon), asks them for help. An artist she knows has gone missing. The group goes and investigates.
(Note: I loosely based this adventure on a Delta Green Adventure entitled Night Floors so I won’t go into too much detail.)
The group investigates the building during the day but only find enough odd things to get their curiosity going. That is until Artie decides to look closer (wizard style) at one of the suspicious blank canvases, they found in the basement. He sees an insane night scene of what looks like the building but with infinite stories that crawl up into the sky. The group deduces that building is different at night. So they go back at night.
At night, the residents are very different than they were during the day. And in some cases, much more dangerous. The first thing that Artie notices is that he feels like he crossed a Threshold when he stepped through the main entrance (This didn’t happen during the day.)
The group has another conflict with one of the residents before they head up to the roof which leads them the extra stories of the building that don’t exist during the day. This is where things got interesting. A whole string of bizarre and odd encounters that kept putting Mental Stress on the characters (The Dude ended up taking a Consequence. Ouch). They come to the conclusion that they lost is a strange nightmarish maze. One of the key bits of information that they do uncover is that Abigail (the missing artist) has run off with The Salesman.
Artie finally runs out of patience and opens the Sight. He’s met with an insane tableau that looks like MC Escher, Salvador Dali, HR Giger and Andy Warhol all collaborated during a bad acid trip. After the expenditure of a few Fate Points, Artie tears himself away from the vision without any ill effects. He thinks and moment then utters, “Aw, crap. It’s Puck.”
Artie calls out a long speech citing the Unseelie Accords and Puck appears. Puck appears and is a bit grumpy for the player characters interrupting his fun. Artie and Puck haggle for a bit but finally Puck agrees to turn over the girl in exchange for Artie doing him a favor sometime in the future.
They get the girl back and take another moment to think about their situation. The Threshold that was inhibiting Artie was gone. He reached out with his Wizard senses and determined that sometime during their wanderings that left the mortal world and entered the Nevernever, more specifically Puck’s particular corner of the Nevernever. Rather than being indebted to Puck for another favor, Artie opens a portal back to the real world and hopes for the best.
This was one of those times that a laptop at the gaming table was a great help. Also thanks to whomever created a “generate a random location on Earth site”. Yep, there was a good chance that the group could have ended up in the middle of an ocean somewhere. But they were “lucky”. They ended up in the middle of Kazakhstan.
After some pointing and grunting, they get a local goat herder to help them in exchange for The Dude’s brand new Nike’s. They finally managed to get a message out (that was initially met with “Is this a joke?”) and Warden Lake with Whisper in tow. After a few snide remarks they return to New Bay City.

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  1. Sounds like a very cool fucking session! Love your acid trip experience… Sounds like your players got a glimpse of what it is like to be Sid Barrett from Pink Floyd;)

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