Nov 052012

A little in getting these notes together but here we go. What happened last week to our little band of college students.
Here’s a little recap. Someone stole the minor magical artifact (+1 to Divination Thaumaturgy), The Hennessy Compass from its location in Center Park. During the theft, Artie’s (Apprentice Wizard) friend Sussaranna (Were-Puma) was severely injured. The party followed up some clues which lead them to Edward Cratch (minor talent Toximancer) and then to the liar of a Black Court vampire. The fight with the vampire was tougher than expected and the party took a few lumps. They headed back to Edward’s place to confront him but when they get there the place is engulfed in flames and that’s were we left off.
This session started off with the characters waiting for the scene to be cleared before they begin an investigation of their own. Artie decides he’s going to try his hand at ectomancy and see if he can call up the ghost of Edward Cratch. No problem. They get some valuable information from the ghost.
Who hired you? Don’t know. It was done over the phone. Some guy who sounded like Mr. Chekhov from Star Trek.
What did you do with compass? There’s was a blind drop at Municipal Plaza. I left the compass and took my money.
Why did you send us to the vampire? I was told if anyone came around asking questions that I should send them to that address.
It’s late so the characters grab some shut eye before continuing their investigation. Artie gets a call early in the morning. Sussaranna is awake and asking for him. They head off to the hospital. When they get there she explains to the group that Ursala (Russian Mobster/Were-bear/Freeholder) came to here with proposition. Ursala would support the Guardians of the Park (sort of the supernatural neighborhood watch for the park) to become a freehold under the Unseelie Accords. The party is concerned that there might be a problem and take note.
The group then goes and checks out the site of the blind drop. They really don’t find anything but notice the surveillance cameras in the area. They call Lt. Rachel Neuberger to see if she can get them any footage. She agrees and will meet them at Dr. Fu’s Tea Shop. She’s working the case of the fire at Cratch’s place. At the meeting, she gives them the footage. It isn’t much. They can see Edward dropping off the compass and picking up his ill gotten gains. A few minutes later the cameras go crazy. Someone hexed them. Rachel also shows the party other surveillance footage from the surrounding area. No signs of anyone approaching. The group deduces that someone or something came through the Nevernever and hexed the cameras. Rachel goes on to explain that the fire at Cratch’s place was fire bombing and that the hardware used was old surplus Russian military equipment.
The group thanks her and head off to confront Ursala. She gives them a cool but pleasant welcoming. Alex (Werewolf Football Star) still has a major hate on for her since she tried to recruit through some rather nefarious means. Ursala pretty much stonewalls the party. She isn’t going to tell them who she sells weapons to. She does admit that she does do some import work for Dean Jourmand. The party leaves disgruntled but ready to start thinking.
They put together a rough idea on what happened. Someone stole the compass then framed the Black Court for doing it. Then that same someone framed Ursala for framing the Black Court. They scratch their heads. Artie does a little more research on the compass. He finds nothing spectacular about. Even as a magical tool, it isn’t worth killing for. They decide to head back to the site of the blind drop for more investigation.
Artie begins looking for a spot where the mastermind could have come from the Nevernever. The group finds a couple spots that are secluded and out of the direct line of site of the surveillance cameras. Artie checks the veil at each spot and the group decides to into the Nevernever at the weakest spot.
They enter another world that looks like it came from old horror movie. They are standing in a field. The sky is filled with clouds but something beyond them gives the place just enough light to see. Ahead of them is a dark and twisted forest and in the distance a lone stone tower stands on a hill. One window is lit at the top of tower.
The group heads through the woods to the tower. As they moving through the forest they get attacked by the trees. At first they thought they were trees. Huge demonic creatures with twisted spiny exoskeletons attack them. When the creatures were still they looked like trees in the shadows. The fight brief but brutal. Artie tries a new trick and decides to power up the Dude’s baseball bat and see how that works. Which it did quite well. He also gets a real swagger in his step when manages to one shot a demon.
The group reaches the tower. Artie is a bit suspicious so checks for wards. Good thing. The place has a magical trap. Artie estimates that trap is powerful enough to completely destroy the tower. While the group helps Artie prepare to defuse the trap. The Dude meets Jimmy Cricket.
Jimmy Cricket is some sort snarky obnoxious thing. How enjoys making off color remarks. And urging people to do bad things. (This was a totally improvised NPC and I think he just might be here to stay).
Artie gets the group passed the wards and the group storms the towers. They meet no resistance and who do they find in the tower? Wally the Washed Up Demonologist. For a quick recap, Wally was from the character’s back story. He tried to kill The Dude for taking his girlfriend. He ruined one of Alex’s football games with demonic cheerleaders. The last the part had seen him was in the trunk of the local Warden’s car.
Wally is not well. He seems to be in a drug induced coma and being feed with a tube. They also find the compass. They gather up the compass and Wally and take him to the hospital. Once Wally is conscious again they find out what happened. The last thing he remembers is that he was in dungeon somewhere (actually Edinburgh) and then was drugged and kidnapped. He has no idea who. The characters scratch theirs and start thinking. Then one of them speaks and mentions that isn’t the Warden’s office really close to where the blind drop took place?
They don’t know who they trust. It’s one of the city’s Aspects. They ponder some more and the session comes to a close.

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