Jul 052010

My god this has been one lazy but relaxing weekend. I originally had some big plans to get all sorts of things done but instead I just fiddled around the best part of this is that I re-watched The Gamers and Dorkness Rising and this got hankering for some old school and just fun dungeon crawling madness.
I took the time to read through several of the retro-clones but just got fascinated with Dungeonslayers.
This is pretty neat little game. Classes and races are pretty old school; Fighter, Scout, Spellcaster; Human, Elf, Dwarf. Talents act as combination of Feats and Skills. The mechanic is simple roll low and d20. Margin of success gives you damage or other effects. That’s it in a nutshell. The core book is only 20 pages long and includes everything you need to play. Yes, that includes monsters, spells and equipment. Much like Yoda, don’t judge it by its size. And the very best thing is that it is free and released under a Creative Commons License. Dungeonslayers has better production values than some of the stuff I’ve spent $10 for on Drivethrurpg.
I was just amazed at how well this game is supported. There’s a ton of adventure and quite few supplements. There’s even more stuff on the game’s native German page. (Translations have been by a core of fans/volunteers including Michael “Stargazer” Wolf.) I was brave and headed on over to the German and downloaded Trankwerk (Potions) and Zauberwerk (Magic Supplement). I have admit that my German is really rusty but I was able to piece enough to get the gist.
If you’re looking for something for a quick and easy pick up game or mini-campaign Dungeonslayers is really treat. Just go check it out.

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