Nov 222011

I know it’s a couple of years old but I was wondering through the store and picked up it and was pleasantly surprised.
First of all, it has the big Castles and Crusades logo across the top but it’s not just for Castles & Crusades. You could use it for just about any fantasy RPG you happen to be running. It’s very system neutral. Engineering Dungeons is a neat little book for generating random dungeons. Yes, that thing has been done before but really, you never can have enough random charts. If you’ve hung around this blog long enough, you’ll know that I like generic tools. And that’s what Engineering Dungeons is. I know that many times a totally random dungeon will end up making absolutely no sense. But this is still really handy for a spring board for ideas. You could use a few charts just generate rumors or adventure seeds and see what happens. Like I said, a generic tool that you can easily bend to your needs.
It really doesn’t break the mold or be really crazy (in a good way) like Vornheim is for cities. But it does give you a good range to create not only a map and encounters but also a little bit of history for your dungeon. The dungeons may end up silly just due to random rolls but as GM it give you that good basis to work from and then mold that rough random adventure into something that will excite your players. As I mentioned before it’s a springboard for your own imagination. Let’s face it. Every GM has ended up panicking hours before the game because he has nothing prepared and doesn’t have a good idea for an adventure. Just roll thru a couple of the tables, apply some creativity and common sense and viola.
I’ll admit that this was a total impulse buy and I’m glad I picked it up. It’s one of those books that will end up in the mighty GM book of miscellaneous stuff that I could use at just about any time.
You can get Engineering Dungeons from Troll Lord Games, Drivethrurpg or probably your FLGS.

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