Jan 042013

Those words should echo in your ears like a warning siren. But there are still a few people who will whatever crap happens to be peddled on TV. Let’s face it most of this stuff is just junk.

I mean really. A freaking banana slicer. Uh no. Just use a knife. It’s a banana so doesn’t even need to be a sharp one. But people will charge for some like that and what’s worse a few souls will be duped into buying it.

When I saw a picture of this thing I had no idea what the hell it could be useful but it has a really catchy name, “The Eggsractor”. I’m not making thing up and you get a new one from Amazon for around $20. And what do you get for $20? A machine that allegedly can peel eggs. No shit. Come on people. Really?
And finally, a shout at that “Perfect Tortilla Pan”. You might have seen it on TV and I ain’t even bothering with link. Here’s the trick. If you have a muffin pan you can already make those tortilla bowls. Just turn the muffin pan over and I think you should be bright enough to take it from there.
So, this week’s rant is really about not wasting money on junk. There’s a lot of cool gadgets you can have in the kitchen but things like this aren’t them.

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