Apr 192013

Everybody’s a Dr. Who fan, maybe even the folks at Budweiser. Because starting in May, their cans are going to be shaped like bow ties.
This is the sort thing that I just can’t make up. I just love this quote by Pat McGauley, vice president of innovation for Anheuser-Busch. “This can is certainly a conversation starter: eye-catching, easy-to-grip, trendy and – according to our research – very appealing to young adults.” So the secret to getting people to drink your beer is have a hipster can. How about just make the best damned beer? Yeah, it’s kind of silly in this guy’s opinion. What’s even sillier is that that they’ve been working on this can for three years and invested a big chunk of change doing it.
It’s gimmick and bet they don’t even get the whole “Bow ties are cool” thing. In a way, this makes my inner geek giggle just a bit.

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