Nov 162012

So I have to admit I used to the worst. Microwave just about everything or just warm up whatever on the stove top. Your basic prepackaged crap that makes up so much of the American diet. I really don’t consider myself a food snob. I still get the craving for the bowl of ramen, fast food or some other el cheapo quickie meal. Most of the stuff that’s in the grocery that’s label “organic” or “all natural” is just marketing hype and some reason to charge the local hipsters and extra few dollars. I’m not a vegan or a vegetarian. I don’t really watch what I eat. A good diet is about moderation and variety. But then I’m no scientists so don’t take that as any sort of medical advice.
My whole fascination with food and its related industries has really been through osmosis and getting things hammered into my thick skull by a very determined woman. That and the chance to just totally geek out in the kitchen and feel like I’m a mad scientist. It’s just the amazing sort DIY/science experiment part that really kind of gets creative culinary juices flowing. But that’s in my kitchen.
Around the rest of the world, I see all sorts of things about food that just tend to sort of piss me off now that I have more understanding about not only the food but the people who make it and serve it. So for these Food Fridays, you probably won’t see whole lot of recipes but hopefully you’ll see some biting commentary by an outsider looking in. Chances are that I just might irk a few people but I’m not dumb enough to piss off the people who actually handle my food.
Have a good weekend.

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