Mar 222013

Maybe you’ve about Soylent. Not quite Soylent Green but a means to go basically food free. Yes, you read that correctly. Food free.
I’m a geek and a nerd. Science is cool and all that stuff. But this one kind rubs me the wrong the way. I think there could be some really good applications for this. Emergency assistance to during natural disasters, emergency rations for camping, hiking or the military and assistance to areas suffering from famine. For that, it’s a great idea. As a normal replacement to a regular diet. Maybe not so much.
Food is more than just about the nutrient and caloric intake. It’s about the textures, the feel and the smells. It’s that psychological bit that’s missing. When I was in the Army, that first hot meal after munching on MRE’s was something special. No matter what kind of concoction it was. It’s like sex. Wouldn’t it be more efficient and cleaner just to have all test tube babies? No not really.

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