Mar 012013

OK, this one is more of a political rant than food rant but it sort of counts. On March 12, no more big sodas in the Big Apple. Well, there will be a fine for it.
This really pisses me off and gives me another reason to glad that I don’t live in a place like that.
It’s just insulting. Yes, way too many people are overweight. I get that. But enacting such regulations just says, “You’re too stupid to make your own decisions.” This isn’t any human rights violation or anything like that. It’s just bullshit and it’s down right embarrassing. Really, New Yorkers. Why the hell to put up with it?
Remember, one soda doesn’t make you fat. Just like one salad doesn’t make you thin. It’s about a person’s overall lifestyle and have a municipal government come all and play your nanny. WTF people?
That’s my rant. Have a great weekend. I think I’ll go out and a big assed 2-liter Mountain Dew and drink it straight from the bottle.

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