Feb 012013

Let me start with an old axiom. “Cooking is an art. Baking is chemistry.”
I know I haven’t ranted lately about Crunchy Bits the geeky cook book that I’m coauthoring with my wonderful and usually patient SO but I figured I’d take a moment to rant about a couple of things that I’ve learned so far in this endeavor.
The number one thing that I’ve noticed is how little I actually measure when it comes to cooking. This is fine until you start trying to create a recipe. It’s OK when you’re cranking that quick meal at home but when you’re trying to put something together for others to use, you kind of owe to them to write more than just add enough of ingredient X. I guess that this is the sort of thing that everyone does. And it’s not like a it’s a cardinal culinary sin to just eyeball it. That’s the way thousands of grandmothers have made that special traditional family dish.
The other thing I’ve learned is that no matter how much you measure, you still have to do a little improvisation. Even if you’re using the exact same ingredient as last time, differences in flavor intensity and consistency came make a big difference. This holds especially true if you’re using fresh ingredients. Taste as you cook or you could suffer the wrath of the Ninja Death Garlic. Yeah, that’s an old story around the house. The recipe said two cloves. Nobody told the garlic how intense it was supposed to be. Dang near ruined some perfectly good tzatziki.
What I’m saying here is read the recipe, follow it. But don’t do it blindly. Cook with your heart, instincts and senses. It’ll show in the final result.

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