Jun 222010

I had totally forgotten that I used to have a Blogger account and thanks to Tourq from Stuffer Shack I began reminiscing and remembered this little tale from 2004. Oh, those were the days.

As I mentioned, earlier I attended Linucon this weekend. It was a great convention. The entire staff worked hard, the guest were great and I think everyone had a good time, at least I did. Anyway things were going well. I decided to arrive early for “What’s new at Steve Jackson Games”. I take my seat in the front and pretty soon some guy sits down next to me and deposits his pocket trash on the seat between us. It’s Wil Wheaton. I don’t consider myself a fan boy but I did have the urge to say something. “Hi, I really liked it when you guest hosted “The Screen Savers.”
“I really loved doing the show.” I looked down and there was his cell phone. I suddenly remembered an episode of “Coupling” (The good, original show, not the crappy American take off). Jane had come up with a plan to become friends with someone famous. She would steal their cell phone. I thought to myself that Wil was lucky that I wasn’t a psychotic fan. I chuckle to myself and then the giggle loop hits.
Have ever been in a quiet room and then suddenly you have this urge to laugh. When you try to quit the urge to laugh only gets stronger. That my friends is the giggle loop and it’s also from “Coupling”
I spend a couple minutes sitting next to Wil Wheaton and the only thing that occupies my mind is “Don’t Laugh.” This continued about a quarter way through whatever Steve Jackson had to say.
In an odd twist of fate or perhaps it was karma, during Wil Wheaton’s reading from “Dancing Barefoot” some guy sits down next to me. It was Steve Jackson. I look down I see his food and his laptop. Oh, never mind. I slew the giggle loop and enjoyed Wil’s reading.

Yes, it’s true and here’s a clip to explain the Giggle Loop for those who have never felt its terrible grasp.

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  2 Responses to “From the Archives of Ancient Blogs: Wil Wheaton & the Giggle Loop”

  1. I’m sitting here at work, not really doing anything productive, watching the above clip and I started to giggle, then goggle some more, then I outright laughed! That is so funny!

    On a side note, I had the displeasure of watching the first episode of the American Coupling.


  2. Let’s hope that they don’t do the same thing to Being Human.

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