Feb 062013

In case you haven’t heard the latest news, Games Workshop is now the owner of the term space marine and they are taking it to the streets. And this time I think they’ve done shot themselves in the foot.
I used to play 40K. That is used to. Until they started being douche bags to their customers and even some vendors. Not to mention outrageous pricing and rules that can change more often than some people change underwear. So I quietly walked away and never looked back.
Games Workshop has had a history of shit like this for example.
But this latest trick of going after a little indie author. Big assed mistake. They’ve pissed off people outside their little sphere and I don’t think that they’ll get the PR currency back. Sure, there will probably fanboys who will drool over anything they produce. But they’ve created even more bad will. And that’s bad business. Yes, they have to protect their IP but not over reach for common things.

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