Nov 162010

Overall it sounds like a pretty fun game. Maybe that’s been one of the problems with the edition wars and all. Too many people take D&D just too damned seriously. For gods sake, its’ just a game get over it.
But any on to Gamma World. Yeah, I know it still uses the same basic mechanics as 4th Edition. So what? It doesn’t take itself seriously. That means it should be the perfect game for me. The characters who I’ve read about on other blogs and via twitter just seem like a blast and having random mutations pop up. Sounds like another ton of fun for a one shot or even a mini-campaign.
Now I am not to keen on the idea of booster packs of collectible cards. Sure, collectible card games have their place in the great hobby sphere of influence. I just don’t think the idea of collectable rules is pretty much crap and that’s basically what WOTC is doing with this idea. Yeah, it makes them some money and keeps them a float to do other projects. And yes I know they are company and they have every right to make money. I have no problem with that. This just seems like a weasel way to do it. The least amount of effort and creativity for the most gain.
So there it is a some what two sided rant about Gamma World. Want to play it but just not to happy about the over all marketing pitch on the thing. But then again not too well thought out marketing seems to be what WOTC has gotten really good at.

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