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Our little group is gearing up to start Paizo’s Kingmaker Adventure Path this month. I’ve been throwing around ideas for a character. Normally, this isn’t much of a problem. I’m usually one of the first come up with a character concept and run with it.
We will be using Aspects but haven’t seen how the GM is going to exactly house rule them into Pathfinder yet. People are throwing around some ideas. We might have some sort assassin/death priest like character and possibly an oracle. A couple more notes on this. We use a house rule 1/2 of your other class levels count towards your caster level and for spells (not other spell caster abilities) but we don’t the PRC’s like Mystic Theurge and the like. Also no Feats that adjust your caster level when multi-classing. I’m also known as the guy that just can’t seem to play a single class character. But I did do that for Council of Thieves.
This time I just can’t seem to make up my mind. Then it hit me. Harness the power of the mighty Internets. So, yes, you noble reader get the chance to tell me which character I’m going to play. I’m not really worried about character optimization. It’s about fun and story. Now I thought about setting up a poll but those are just so damned limiting. So I’ll leave it open to comments and general consensus. Here are the concepts:

Concept One
Human Arcane Duelist (Alternate Bard from the Advanced Player’s Guide): Primarily uses a whip sort of rake and an anarchist which really could be fun in a kingdom building game. I might multi-class this character with a Sorcerer (Starsoul Bloodline. Yep, from the APG again)

Concept Two
Half Orc Sorcerer (Serpentine Bloodline)/Oracle of Nature: sort of a nasty druid type without being a druid.


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  1. I think that the Half Orc Sorcerer/Oracle sounds like it would be quite a bit of fun. Also there could be a good dynamic, if your GM throws it at you, where you encounter a druid. How do they react to you? What would your gifts/powers be in their eyes, etc.

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